Blue Solar Water

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The Sun is the Ultimate Cleanser and Refresher

There is no substitute for the Sun.
The Sun is life-giving and life-enhancing.
You cannot get the freshness clothes hung to dry in the Sun
from a clothes dryer, even with chemical additives and fragrances.

The Color Blue

Blue is the color for truth, devotion, calmness, and sincerity.
Blue is the color for meditation and spiritual expansion. 
Blue is for peace, faith, aspiration, creative expression. 
Blue relaxes the mind. 
Blue helps dissolve nervousness and stress. 
Blue is the color of the throat chakra and is therefore the color for communication. 
Blue Solar Water can be refreshing and healing.


Glass is a dense material, and as such as low absorption and outgassing.
Sun rays can penetrate glass.
Though Sun rays can also penetrate plastic, plastic tends to leach into water, more so with heat, increasing pseudoestrogens in the water, which mimic estrogens and disrupt the endocrine system.

How to Make Blue Solar Water




Place culinary water (tap, filtered, artisan, bottled, etc.) in a blue glass bottle.
You can use any color of blue glass bottle from the deep cobalt blue to a light cyan blue.
Search “blue beer bottles” to find blue glass bottles online.
You may find water sold in blue glass bottles at some stores.



Cap the bottle with plastic, cork or cloth, any material but metal.
You do want to put a lid or some cover over the mouth of the bottle, to keep bugs out.
Do not use a metal cap.







Place the bottle of water outside during daylight hours for at least one hour.
The bottle does not need to be in direct sunlight, but does need to be where sunlight gets to it.
You can make blue solar water on a cloudy day.
You can make blue solar water on a shaded patio.
You cannot make solar water through a glass window. A glass window pre-filters the sunlight before it hits the blue glass, hindering the process.
As long as the blue glass bottle of water is outside, where it is receiving light from the Sun (even if it is in shadows, so long as it is not completely blocked from receiving any light), it will create Blue Solar Water.




The longer you leave the water outside in the sunlight, the sweeter it gets.
You can leave the water outside all day.
You can put the water out at night or before dawn to catch the first morning sun rays, which seems to raise the energy vibration of the Blue Solar Water.



I do not recommend making Blue Solar Water using incandescent lights.
Though some have recommended incandescent lights as an alternative to sunshine for making Blue Solar Water, I feel this water is inferior and is not truly something I would call Blue Solar Water.




Once made, you can store Blue Solar Water in any container you wish.
It is fine to store the Blue Solar Water in plastic, or any other container you wish, once you have made it.
It is also fine to use a metal cap on a bottle of Blue Solar Water in storage, once you have taken it out of the sun.




Add Blue Solar Water to other water last to make it all Blue Solar Water.
Fill a cup, pitcher, etc., with water then top it off with Blue Solar Water to make it all Blue Solar Water.
The Blue Solar Water should be the last water added to make it Blue Solar Water.

Ideas for Blue Solar Water Use



Drink Blue Solar Water for hydration and refreshment, to help remove negative Karma, to help remove toxins and for healing



Gargle with Blue Solar Water



Use Blue Solar Water for cooking to improve the taste of foods



Bathe in Blue Solar Water to feel relaxed and refreshed, and help remove toxins from your energy field



Use Blue Solar Water to splash your face for a rejuvenated feeling



Use Blue Solar Water to water indoor plants



Make it more invigorating by adding the Astrological Switchphrase for the Sun:



Charge Blue Solar Water with Sanjeevini and/or Vibrational Balancing Images

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