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Universal Switchword: TOGETHER

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TOGETHER - master any activity; have it all together; become single-minded

More about TOGETHER

TOGETHER is the Master Switchword. It is to help you have it all TOGETHER. It is to help merge the whole self into one - to help keep your conscious and subconscious minds in balance, working TOGETHER. It is to help make life flow for you in an even and balanced manner.

But, that may take time. It also requires you to relax and just let TOGETHER-BE. It requires you to stop looking to prove that something is working. For in the need to prove often the efficacy is lost.

Also, many times we cancel out Switchwords once we use them by refusing to listen to the prompts from our Inner Beings. By using the Switchword TOGETHER you are asking your Inner Being to join TOGETHER with your conscious being. You are calling a truce. You are saying "let's stop working against each other and begin to work TOGETHER." Then, after saying TOGETHER, if you ignore intuition, thoughts coming to you from your Inner Being, you are immediately canceling the truce. You are saying "never mind."

It is by relaxing, taking inspired action and just listening to the thoughts that come and allowing your Inner Being to guide you that you begin to see the power of TOGETHER.

Switchwords that May Be Enhanced by TOGETHER

LISTEN - predict the future; in touch with nature and self (so you can hear the promptings of your Inner Being and begin to recognize them)

BETWEEN - use or enhance telepathy; increase psychic awareness (to help connect you with your Inner Being)

BLUFF - dispel fear or nervousness; enhance imagination and dreams (to help release fears of your own power)

FORGIVE - eliminate remorse; end desire for revenge (to release any remorse over things that have happened in the past, including things you have done that have hurt yourself)

PUT - build; expand (to open up to growing beyond current perceived limitations)

UNMASK - bring into focus; expose; lay bare (to help you see the sources of disparity)

WITH - be agreeable; compatible; harmonize well with others; immerse in (to help unite Self and Inner Being)

TOGETHER and Relationships

Add TOGETHER-DIVINE as a prefix to Switchphrases to improve the relationship with onself

Add DIVINE-TOGETHER as a prefix to Switchphrases to improve relationships between two or more

Click here to read about creating a Family Harmony Energy Circle

A few useful TOGETHER Switchpairs

TOGETHER-ACT – become a master speaker
TOGETHER–BE – master skills for health and peace

TOGETHER-ELATE – become a master at turning setbacks into benefits
TOGETHER-OPEN – become a master at allowing
TOGETHER-PHASE – become a master at improving situations
TOGETHER-ROOT – become a master at growth and discovery

TOGETHER-SCHEME – become a master creator
TOGETHER-SLOW – master wisdom and patience
TOGETHER-WATCH – master obtaining new skills

TOGETHER, the Master Switchword, can be added to any Switchphrase to enhance and strengthen it and can be used alone to attain Mastery.

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