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April 24, 2015!

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What if fighting against what we don't want makes it stronger?
What if fighting for what we do want makes it stronger?
Focus is everything.
April 11, 2015

April Theme: Patience
March 31, 2015

April Theme:  Patience
Having focused on Harmony and Nurture the last couple of months, we can now move into Patience.  Patience helps allay discord and bring rewards. Extending patience in trying times helps bring one calmly through an experience, ride out the storm and arrive serenely on the other side, often bringing greater wisdom to the individual. When tyrannical ego suggests interceding or interjecting, often holding one's tongue with patience, allowing the fervor to subside, gives one the opportunity to grasp more details, see other perspectives and maintain peace and serenity in a space which could have jeopardized a relationship.

A farmer sows his seeds and in patience reaps great rewards.

Saturn, the great educator, also helps teach us patience.

Patience (396 Hz)

A Poem by Girija Sridhar

Come April, we MOVE ON to Patience.
It will HELP to cope, BRING about BALANCE.
Sometimes FOR problems, there is no END in sight.
Burden is heavy, wish it BE LIGHT.
But Patience when you EMBRACE, the path will turn.
Progress is ON the way, you will soon LEARN.
Life is a gift, Patience a virtue.
TAKE comfort, God walks WITH you.
When Patience you befriend, often Wisdom follows,
You maintain CALM, no matter the highs and lows.
Welcome Patience into your life, WATCH a MIRACLE unfold.
In all spheres you will discover GOLD, GOLD and only GOLD!

P PIVOT change view; redirect; revise your position/attitude
A ADJUST create balance; assume or carry a burden; handle uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions
T TOGETHER master any activity; have it all together; become single-minded
I INTEGRATE assimilate; embrace; bond with
E EMBRACE give/receive complete acceptance
N NOURISH to preserve; to develop
C CALM at rest; stable; constant
E EASE simplify the task at hand; unleash yourself; calm down

(Embrace and bond with releasing guilt, and stop regretting, be devout, moral and give respect, be patient and wise, create balance.)

(Increase comprehension, gain perspective, defuse need to participate in unwelcome situations, dispel anger and resentment, stop being critical, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy, be patient and wise.)

Throughout the month, anytime between 9 am and 10 am in the morning and 9 pm and 10 pm in the evening (your own local time) we shall TOGETHER chant a Switchword or Defusing Word picked for the day. You are most welcome to join in. Where ever you may be, just chant between that given hour. You don't have to chant it for the whole hour. You can say it once, repeat it 28 times, for 5 minutes, or do it however you desire.  (It is also okay to chant at other times throughout the day.)

Daily Words are courtesy Rhoda Randhawa

(Click on Switchword/Defusing Word for definition.)

1st: Oompa Loompa
2nd: TRUST
3rd: BEAM
4th: JESUS
5th: Mercury
6th: OCCUR
7th: Buck Up
9th: LEARN
10th: DO
11th: AWE
12th: BAMBOO
13th: ALL IN
14th: CORONA
15th: TAP
16th: Blue Iris
17th: CLOUDS
19th: ZERO
20th: DETACH
21st: DITTO
22nd: Amoeba
23rd: WILLOW
24th: DIVINE
26th: ROOT
28th: 28
29th: WOLF

Flower: White English Daisy
Flower Energy Blend:   Positive Expectancy
Chant/Mantra/Meditation/Prayer: Guru Gaitri Mantra
Gemstone/Crystal:  Diamond
Animal Wisdom: Anteater

8142543 (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)
194.71 Hz (Emotional stability)
396 Hz (Releasing emotional patterns)(Solfeggio Frequency)

Switching More Switches
March 29, 2015

When we accept and reside within all that is
We allow ourselves to fulfill a wish, ABIDE for this.

How'd this happen? What a setback and letdown there's been!
ELATE helps uplift, give benefit, make positive again.

I just want to be comfortable, please relax me.
The Switchword you seek is simply COZY.

Won't give a thing, stingy and greedy.
OFFER is the Switchword when feeling this needy.

It's keeping me stuck, I see no other way.
SKY is here to save the day!

Life is unbalanced, too much to do.
ADJUST is a Switchword for you.

I have things to do, a deep focus please.
PASSION is here to deeply focus. Distraction flees.

Feeling inhibited, can hardly breathe, mind's racing, what does it mean?
OPEN is the Switchwords coming onto the scene.

Feeling weighed down, so much pressure and stress.
Use WINGS to move freely, unencumbered, simply de-stress.

They need me to do it, but it's not what I want.
FREEDOM lets me move forward my way without a daunt.

March 25, 2015

As a mother it can be very difficult to stay quiet when you see things you "know" could be done better differently. The problem is...if your child is now an adult, often it will be seen as interfering with their life.

Myself, I think my tongue is a lot shorter than it was when my kids were growing up, because I have learned that biting my tongue is better than getting into a negative space with my children.

I DO not feel it is my place to instruct them, tell them or their spouses what they should or should not DO. It is not my place to JUDGE them.

It is my place to simply WATCH and enjoy and BE here FOR them.

My relationship WITH my children is one of LOVE and respect, TRUST and JOY. I TRUST that I gave them the tools they needed as they were growing UP and that, even if the choices they make NOW are ones that I think could have been different, it is their choice NOW, and I CHOOSE to let them BE.

Amoeba is a great Defusing Word for this situation:

Amoeba defuses over-stepping boundaries. No matter what our motivation is for “helping” others, when we take on their responsibilities it diminishes them and ourselves. Improve trust and be a better support by encouraging others as they learn to manage what is theirs. In return, we improve our own circumstances by using our energies to be our best selves.


Kat Traks
March 25, 2015

Wherever I go, I leave Kat Traks behind
Hearts, Dragonflies, Flowers, whatever I happen to FIND

My pocket is the place where they usually reside
'Til as I lay my daily Kat Traks and someone who could use one of them is spied.

A precious little girl calls, "HEART! HEART! HEART!"
As I walk down the hall at school, and she finds one in my pocket, she's so smart!

This morning after leaving school, I was off to the store
A lady in distress, Wow! Look at that, in my pocket I have even more!

A Heart in my hand, I offer it to her
She smiles and says I just made her day, and now my day also just got better

Walking out the door, there's a golden smile
A wish for a good day comes to me, and YES! another HEART, no two, for this lady with style

Oh how DELICIOUS, Kat just got another HUG!
I made her day as well, and mine got better yet, and the AMAZING days CONTINUE as along Kat Traks I chug!

CARE to Remember
March 24, 2015

Sung on the way to school each morning with the grandkids:

CARE to remember
CARE to remember
CARE-CARE-CARE to remember

REACH for the answer
REACH for the answer
REACH for the answer
REACH-REACH-REACH for the answer.

JUDGE to understand
JUDGE to comprehend

They've been getting 90-100% (plus bonuses putting one of them in spelling up to 107%) on all tasks.

Health and Healing Specific Energy Circles at the Forum
March 13, 2015

I have been very busy at the Blue Iris Learning Center Forum (the Forum is part of all Blue Iris Learning Center subscriptions), compiling a list of Energy Circles there. Under the Subscribed Boards, I have compiled indexes of Energy Circles, with links to the Energy Circles and information about them.  This is a continually evolving and growing list.  By the time you read this, there may be more.

Below is an alphabetized list of Health and Healing Specifics Energy Circles available on the Forum. (The list at the Forum links directly to each of the Energy Circles listed.)  As new Energy Circles are added to the Forum, the indexes are updated.

Note to Energy Circle Creator (ECC) owners: All Energy Circles have an associated configuration file for working with ECC. If the cfg file is not shown on the post, Right-Click the image, open in a new tab, then backspace over "jpg" and type "cfg" to download the cfg file. Once downloaded, you can click on the file to open with ECC.

If cfg files are not already associated with ECC (Images.exe), right-click on the downloaded file, choose "open with" and select Images.exe as default program. Once associated, whenever you click on a cfg file it will automatically open in ECC for editing.

Learn more about Energy Circle Creator at:
Buy Energy Circle Creator at:

Alphabetized Health and Healing Specifics Energy Circle List

Accident Prone
Achalasia/Swallowing Difficulties
Aches and Pains
Alzheimer's, Dementia, Brain Lesions

Anal Fissures
Ancestral Healing
Ankle Injury
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Arctic Ruby Oil

Arthritis (Lloyd Mear)
Asthma/Lungs Healing
Astrological Imbalances Flowers
AWEtism (Autism)

Bacteria/Fungus/Virus Elimination Numbers (Lloyd Mear)
Back, Hips and Knees
Back pain and tuberculosis

Bites and Stings
Bladder Control (for leaky Bladder)
Bladder Healing

Bones and Joints (Gout) Nutritional Support
Brain Lesions, Alzheimer's, Dementia
Breast cancer, heart attack (Hot Peppers - Capsaicin)

Breast Cancer - use Creating and Maintaining Healthy Breasts and Healing Magnifique Energy Circles

Breasts, Creating and Maintaining Healthy
Calcium 46 (the best calcium you can get)
Cancer Cells, Mantras to HELP removeCancer (Liver)
Cardiac Healing

Castor Oil
Cells of my body

Chakra Balancing
Chakra, 2nd
Chakra, 3rd
Chakra, 5th
Chakra, 8th
Chakra - for your Anahata Chakra to rotate in clockwise direction

Chemotoxic (for dealing with chemotherapy)
Chronic Pain Relief
COPD/Lung Issues (Lloyd Mear)
Cyst Elimination

Dementia, Brain Lesions, Alzheimer's
Dental/Mouth/Teeth Healing (Grigori Grabovoi)
Dental/Mouth/Teeth Healing (Lloyd Mear)
Diabetes (Liver and Pancreas) Nutritional Support
Diabetes/Obesity Supplement and Vitamin Frequencies
Digestive Issues

Down's Syndrome
Ebola Protection

Emotional CALM
Energize for the day
Energy, Increase and Strengthen Lungs

Erythema Nodosum
Facial Numbness
Feeling at Home in Your Body (VB26)
Fertility, BRING Male and Female

Fever and Sore Throat
Focused Concentration and Physical Rehabilitation
Frankincense (Lloyd Mear)
Fungus/Virus/Bacteria Elimination Numbers (Lloyd Mear)
Gain Weight and ADD Muscle
Gallbladder Balancing

Gallbladder Healing
Get into shape
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency
GOLD Healing (Lloyd Mear Numbers)

Gout Healing
Gout Nutritional Support (Bones and Joints)
Hair, RESTORE Natural Color
Hair, Thick Beautiful
Halitosis (bad breath)

Heal Multiple
Heal Self
Healing Magnifique
Healing Switchphrase

Heart attack, breast cancer (Hot Peppers - Capsaicin)
Hepatitis Healing

Hips, Knees and Back
Hot Peppers (Capsaicin)(heart attack, breast cancer)
Infection, Heal

Joints and Bones (Gout) Nutritional Support
Kala Sarpa Yoga, to mitigate
Karmic ties
Kidney, Improve/Regenerate Function
Knee Replacement Pre and/or Post Surgery
Knees, Hips and Back

Laryngeal Function, Normalize
Leukoderma/Vitiligo Energy Circle
Lipoma Healing
Liver and Heart Defects
Liver and Pancreas (Diabetes) Nutritional Support

Lung/COPD Issues (Lloyd Mear)
Lungs, Strengthen, and Increase Energy
Lymphatic Issues and Uterus Polyp
Male Sexuality

Mantras to HELP remove cancer cells
Mars/Saturn 100% Aspect
Memory Enhancing (Lloyd Mear)
Menstrual Cycle, Regularize
Metabolism, SPEED UP
Migraine/Headache Elimination

Morning, energize for the day
Mouth/Dental Protection
Mouth Health
Mouth/Teeth/Dental Healing (Grigori Grabovoi)

Mouth/Teeth/Dental Healing (Lloyd Mear)
Muscle, ADD and Gain Weight
Neck Sprain

Numb/Tingling Feet
Obesity/Diabetes Supplement and Vitamin Frequencies
Orators (Speaking) HELP
Pain, Acute Relief
Pain, Chronic Relief

Pancreas and Liver (Diabetes) Nutritional Support
Parasite Elimination
PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease)/Vaginal Issues
Perineal Pain

Polyp, Uterus, and Lymphatic Issues
Prostate, RESTORE Health (Prostatitis)
Psoriasis END
Psychological Number Sequence (Grigori Grabovoi)

Raise your Vibration
Reenergize and Heal
RELEASE all negative energy from Body

Safety, prayer for
Scar Tissue
Schizophrenia Healing
Self Healing code

Sexual Addictions
SHOULDER Pain, Eliminate

Sickle Cell Anemia
Sinus Success
Skin Toning
Sleep ON
Sleep Quickly and Easily

Sleep well
Sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Slurred speech/tachycardia (fast heartbeat)

Solar Plexus Healing
Soul Prosper
Speak out Assertively
Speaking (Orators) HELP
Spiritual Upliftment

Stress CALM
Strong HEART
Substance Addiction
Tachycardia (fast heartbeat)/slurred speech

Teeth, HELP Regrow
Teeth/Mouth/Dental Healing (Grigori Grabovoi)
Teeth/Mouth/Dental Healing (Lloyd Mear)

Telomeres Switchphrase
Telomeres Switchphrase+Number Codes
Third (3rd) Eye
Thyroid, Normalize

Toothache relief
Triglycerides CLEAR
Tuberculosis and back pain

Urinary Tract Issues
Uterine Fibroids
Uterine Polyp and Lymphatic Issues

Vagus Nerve Number Code
Vaginal Issues/PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease)
Varicose Veins, Healing
VB26 Feeling at Home in Your Body

Vibrational Balancing Magnetic Neutralization (VBMN) card
Virus/Bacteria/Fungus Elimination Numbers (Lloyd Mear)
Vitiligo/Leukoderma Energy Circle

Weight gain (for)
Weight, Gain and ADD Muscle

Weight Reduction
Weight Reduction
Weight Reduction Rays
Weight Reduction, Time for

March Theme:  Nurture
We started the year with January Love, which prepared us for creating February Harmony. Now, through March, as we hold onto Love and Harmony, we enter a space where we can begin to Nurture ourselves and those around us.

March BEAMs
A Poem by Girija Sridhar

March BEAMs, saying "It is time to nurture."
WITH each passing day, BRINGs HOPE FOR the future.
Nurturing is a process of caring and loving,
BE it a bird, animal or human being.
After CAREful scrutiny, the Sparrow CHOOSEs the best,
A dense leafy tree, to build its nest.
Nervous little cries are soon heard,
NEW found life has stirred!
The Sparrow flies to and fro, FOR their feed,
WITH LOVE and CARE, satisfies their need.
Through her nurturing, they soon FIND their flight,
To fend FOR themselves, hunt FOR a bite.
Courage and confidence she has instilled,
A mother's duty, she has fulfilled.
Nurturing lays the foundation to grow,
And confirms the saying,'You reap what you sow!"


(Give respect, remember to be in peace and wellness, unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy, harmonize well with being secure, reconnecting with Source, and generating, radiating and experiencing love and acceptance.)

(Develop and grow, gather serenity and strength, create supportive impact, stop being critical, stop fault finding and be beautiful.)

Throughout the month, anytime between 9 am and 10 am in the morning and 9 pm and 10 pm in the evening (your own local time) we shall TOGETHER chant a Switchword or Defusing Word picked for the day. You are most welcome to join in. Where ever you may be, just chant between that given hour. You don't have to chant it for the whole hour. You can say it once, repeat it 28 times, for 5 minutes, or do it however you desire.  (It is also okay to chant at other times throughout the day.)

Daily Words are courtesy Rhoda Randhawa

March 2015
(Click on Switchword/Defusing Word for definition.)

1st: Blue Iris
2nd: Amoeba
3rd: WAIT
4th: HORSE
6th: PEACE
9th: GIVE
10th: WOMB
11th: SERENE
12th: Strawberry
13th: AIM
14th: LOVE
16th: LEARN
17th: Butterfly
18th: SPEND
20th: PAINT
21st: Dewdrop
22nd: Pillar of the Peace of I
24th: Home
25th: NOW
26th: Harmony
27th: Dolphin
28th: THANKS
29th: CROWD
30th: 53


Flower: Daffodil
Flower Energy Blend:   Nurturance
Chant/Mantra/Meditation/Prayer: Pendulum Practice
Gemstone/Crystal:  Aquamarine
Animal Wisdom: Monkey

18,888,891 (Expansion of consciousness)
12,370,744 (Connection with spirit)
420.82 Hz Moon (of Earth)

Switchwords for "Stuck"
February 20, 2015

I searched the Switchwords Database for "stuck" and a few of the entries that came up are below:

Kick it into high gear; accomplish task at hand quickly and efficiently.

Success Stories: This Switchword BUZZ keeps playing on my mind all the time ....when I am driving in congestion, I just have to chant it and traffic starts clearing/moving ....when I am stuck in any situation I use BUZZ ...I really don't know the correct usage but just love the 'BUZZ'


Eliminate negativity, dispel arrogance, expand beyond perceived limitations and be unaffected by ridicule and negative energy.

For feeling helpless, removing problems/obstacles and clearing a path, finding direction, and get moving from a stuck situation.


Fix these things, create possibilities, transform thought into action, every journey begins with a single step, move forward, bring (it) into existence, stop procrastinating and just do it, move forward, make the decision and stand in it, keep your word, keep your resolutions

"I can't do it, I am stuck, I can't progress..." First, CONSIDER you don't have to do those things. Rather, look at it as you want to do them.

Create possibilities - DECLARE
Transform thought into action...CREATE
Any journey begins with a single step...1234
Bring into existence - BEGIN
Stop procrastinating and just do it - GUESS
Move forward - RELAY
Make the decision and stand in it; keep your word - RESOLVE
Keep your resolutions - DONE


Restore fairness and honesty, become a good leader, take responsibility, bring into existence (whatever you are focused on) by quieting the ego and being efficient and progressing.

Some Kat thoughts on this Switchphrase:

BEGIN - when you feel a task is too much, you are looking too far into it. Just take the first step and everything falls into line.

You don't have to silence the storyteller. You can thank it for its input and then do what you want anyway. QUIET is to quiet the ego. You do not have to listen.

DivineORDER is to do organizing.

GO is to progress.

Success Stories: In spite of regular use of Switchphrase for procrastination, unstuckification and silencing the storyteller, certain problems are not resolving.Try as I might, some things that I need and want to do are not happening. "I like work. I really like work. I sit and stare it, the whole day long!" And I feel like a Big Loser. HELP...then once RESTORE-TAKE-53-BEGIN-QUIET-DivineORDER-GO was used...

Dear Kat: last night I copied the Switchphrase you suggested above into my notebook and then on another page, wrote it down about 15-20 times as well as kept chanting it till I fell asleep. Usually when I wake up, I wake up with the feeling, OMG, there is so much to do and I feel so overwhelmed that I end up doing nothing. And today, I woke up feeling quite calm and went about my day in a very relaxed manner. My son helped me thoroughly clean up the living room! Some of the things that I had been postponing got done easily and effortlessly. And this is after using the Switchphrase for one day! What more can I say except, Lots of Love and Hugs, Dear Angel.


Expel now.

Success Stories: Helped me to expel something that was stuck.


Be soothing, be caring, relinquish need to control.

Rhoda's Switchphrase for July 30, 2012.

Very often when things are not moving or things seem stuck, it is best to RELEASE the need to control and chant SWEET-SURRENDER. Lord Saturn loves that!!!


Relieve constipation, end frustration.

Try using whenever you are feeling stuck (money-wise, job-wise, anywhere in life).


Master your ability to kick it into high gear and accomplish task at hand quickly and efficiently.

Success Stories: My husband was installing some software on PC ..and PC was not working he was stuck.I told him to chant "TOGETHER BUZZ" and he successfully installed software.


Switchwords Database is on subscription at:

The best way to KEEP out of trouble is to
KEEP chanting some Switchword or another...

February 2, 2015

Rhoda Randhawa

February Theme:  Harmony

We ended the year with December Appreciation, which helped open us to January Love. Now, with Appreciation and Love set in motion, we move into February looking to Harmony.

Harmony brings two or more unique perspectives together, creating a unity with beauty beyond the individual entities. When in Harmony, love, family and other social relationships complement and balance each other. When the body is in Harmony, all parts flow in unison.

HARMONY (285555901)
A Poem by Girija Sridhar

WITH February breezing in, let us EMBRACE Harmony.
Harmony gently erases feelings of anger and bitterness,
Surrounds and protects you, WITH an Umbrella of warmth and happiness.
When in your home and HEART, seeds of Harmony you sow,
Rich dividends you reap, that spread and grow.
It OPENs the door for serenity and CALM to thrive,
RELEASE resentment, BE TOGETHER as bees in a hive.
WITH Harmony taking the place of pride, you banish discord,
And are BLESSED WITH GRACE to become one WITH the Lord.
Always AIM at complete Harmony of thought and deed,
A GOLD nugget will appear WITH EASE and SPEED!

H-HEART (center in joy)
A-AMAZING (create miraculous endeavors)
R-RAINBOW (create a colorful conscious life)
M-MIRACLE (transcend beyond expectations)
O-OPEN (free the mind)
N-NOURISH (develop)
Y-YES! (get on with it)

(Cleanse your relationships, harmonize well with defusing lack, opening to abundance, connecting to Source, feeling uplifted, quenched, nurtured and nourished, refreshed, energized, relieved and calmed, knowing that all can be, is and ever will be well, hope springs eternal, maintain integrity, dispel inhibitions and allow yourself to create balance and handle uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions.)

Throughout the month, anytime between 9 am and 10 am in the morning and 9 pm and 10 pm in the evening (your own local time) we shall TOGETHER chant a Switchword or Defusing Word picked for the day. You are most welcome to join in. Where ever you may be, just chant between that given hour. You don't have to chant it for the whole hour. You can say it once, repeat it 28 times, for 5 minutes, or do it however you desire.  (It is also okay to chant at other times throughout the day.)

Daily Words are courtesy Rhoda Randhawa

February 2015
(Click on Switchword/Defusing Word for definition.)

1st: WOMB
3rd: ACT
5th: UNCLE
6th: WOLF
7th: SWEET
9th: NEW
10th: CHOOSE
11th: CARE
14th: POOL
15th: Blue Iris
17th: HUG
19th: DUCK
20th: VOID
21st: WALL
23rd: 23
25th: WHEELS
26th: Amoeba
27th: Buck Up
28th: 28

Flower: Violet
Flower Energy Blend:  Armonie (French pronunciation)
Meditation: Inner Smile Meditation
Gemstone/Crystal:  Amethyst
Animal Wisdom:  Fox

1,255,583 (Harmonize inner reality on a cellular level)
285,555,901 (Harmonious relationships within family)

CONSIDER - Switchwords, Numbers and Energy Circles help put out the energy of what we want...and as we use them we get inner promptings for changes in the way we look at and live in the world.

Following those promptings will help us to manifest what we desire quicker.

January 15, 2015

Master Making a Difference
January 7, 2015

(Master making a difference, being empowered, become a good leader and take responsibility.)

One person can make a difference. History has shown that time and again...we even have Switchwords that are individuals who have made a difference:

ABRAHAM LINCOLN – resolve conflicts and reunite

JESUS – create healing focuses; be a comforting presence

LEONARDO da VINCI – be ingeniously creative; master creativity

MAHATMA GANDHI – allow for peaceful resolution

SCHUBERT – be prolific in your creativity; create comforting and uplifting supply

SOCRATES – ask enlightening questions; look deeply into the focus

THOMAS EDISON – be inventive; create new ideas

It all starts with one person with an Idea. DECLARE possibilities, then BEGIN to ENROLL others, who then help to CREATE the vision and BRING transformation (ACT) and build (PUT).

(Create possibilities, gather support by sharing your vision, transform thought into action, unite with transformation and build.)


January 4, 2015

What do you want in the future? BEGIN to I AM it... (instead of what has been...)

Rather than "I am not able to..." say "I am now finding BALANCE and EASE in my life..."

Rather than "I don't want to sound low..." say "I am becoming stronger, enjoying life now..."

Say it as though it is so NOW to BEGIN building it in the future.

You see, there is no future, no past, there is only NOW. Putting what happened before (and you started reading this in the past) in the NOW perpetuates it into the future. Putting what you want in the future in the NOW will BEGIN to build it in the future...for the future will be the NOW, well, NOW.

Heal Multiple Energy Circle
January 3, 2015

A friend posed a question as to how the Switchphrases inside the Heal Multiple Energy Circle related to health and healing, as they appeared to be focused more on emotional and mental issues. This enticed me to look more deeply into what each of the phrases inside the Energy Circle actually means...

Kat Thoughts: On first glance, these Switchphrases, DO appear to BE mostly relating to emotions...and at the ROOT of most all illnesses (if not all) is a focus on negativity (creating negative emotional reactions).

I call this Energy Circle the Heal Multiple Energy Circle because it does not have a single healing focus. Generally if one has many health issues, one has had a lot of negative focuses that need clearing to BEGIN opening to healing. Whenever I am overwhelmed with a list of health issues that seems to GO ON FOREVER, I pull out this Energy Circle and use it as the first line for healing.

Looking in the Switchwords Database here's what I have on the two phrases included. Below definition I also give a specific analysis I just did on each of them:

(Master interpersonal relationships, relieve stress and calm the spirit have faith in the future, trust in the life cycle, know that all can be, is and ever will be well, remember that hope springs eternal, an enduring reward, miraculous formation of events, increase continuously and gradually harmonizing with experiencing the now with joy and happiness, be in peace and maintain wellness, have fun and be in the creative flow, fulfill promises, create a colorful conscious life, dreams beckon reality, step out of the routine and enjoy yourself.)

A Switchwords way of saying...
This is my wish for you and your family: peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, joy to fill your holiday.

Now, breaking it down a bit more and analyzing what it all means more in-depth:

DIVINE-TOGETHER - In mastering interpersonal relationships, we RELEASE stress that often is at the ROOT of illnesses.

Fountain - As we BEGIN to OPEN to trusting that all is well, that nothing is wrong here, we BEGIN to accept things as they are, and again, stress is released, judgments can be let go, again opening US to BEGIN healing.

GOLD - As health and wellness are rewards to keeping a positive, healthy focus, I chose to ADD GOLD here as a reference to enduring health and wellness.

CLOUDS - A miraculous formation of event - healing can be a miraculous formation of event, thus CLOUDS was used here.

ADD - As the focus is now on healing, we want to increase it.

CRESCENDO - As some may have difficulty with a sudden shift toward wellness, we also ALLOW for gradually increasing wellness.

Sunflower - As illness and disease often ensue as we look to our past with negative emotion, judging that things should have been different, as well as worry about what the future may have in store for US, Sunflower, in allowing US to RELEASE blocks caused by those focuses, helps OPEN US to allowing healing to BEGIN.

BE - What if in the definition of "being in peace and maintaining wellness" is (really) exactly the same as "being unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy"? Though clearly with both of these definitions this is one that would be useful in most any healing Switchphrase, BE seems to transcend far beyond those surface meanings. Connect the two meanings TOGETHER and see how one draws the other to it.

Oompa Loompa - When we are rigid, we (again) cause our own stresses, and stress is at the ROOT of many illnesses and diseases. Oompa Loompa helps RELEASE the rigidness that may BE holding US in disease. Oompa Loompa is also about having fun, laughing, enjoying whatever you are doing, and, as has been said many a time, "Laughter is the best medicine."

RAINBOW - As we consciously focus and work on creating a colorful conscious life, we let go of focuses that don't serve this purpose. The more we focus on disease and illness, the more disease and illness we cause in our lives. The more we focus on creating a colorful conscious life, the more healing with positive energy and JOY we CREATE in our lives.

HOLIDAY - As I look at the definition "step out of routine" I see that so very often we cause disease and illness by our longstanding routines - in fact, chronic diseases may have roots in chronic routines. HOLIDAY also entices US to enjoy ourselves, and get out of the monotony of the everyday life, again, centering US in the NOW and in JOY, allowing US to RELEASE focus on the negative things that took US into disease.


(Adapt, be empowered, dispel anger and resentment, heal, do detailed work, bring about good fortune now.)

And breaking this one down...

TAP - What if disease results when we refuse to adapt to our environment? When we see things we wish were different and we focus on them with a negative emotional attitude, we may be creating illness and disease by holding onto this judgment. TAP helps OPEN US to NEW possibilities in adapting to whatever is.

CHOOSE - I LOVE CHOOSE. It is so empowering! Again, we have often judged things that have happened in the past as being wrong, hurtful, etc. We have held onto these things, causing ourselves pain. You can only hold that ball under water so long before your arms get tired and you feel you must RELEASE it or deal with increasing pain. When you FINALLY RELEASE that ball (accept what already is, has been, CHOOSE it), you BEGIN to let go of the pain. Choosing is also empowering. Once I had someone tell me that, "okay, I'll accept it if I have to" with regard to the way someone was in their relationship with them. The focus on "having to" can be really debilitating. If you want one thing, and along with it comes something you do not want, well, take a moment and you want the one thing enough to CHOOSE it despite what comes along with it? If so, then CHOOSE the whole thing, not just the little bits and pieces you like. It's a whole package. CHOOSE it or do not CHOOSE it; you can't take little pieces of it and leave the rest.

CLEAR - Anger and resentment will cause tightness in the body. Connect to something that makes you feel angry. NOW feel that anger. What is it doing to your body? Feel the tightness? Is it in the jaw? The chest? The arms? Wherever it is anger is held can become fatigued, and you got it, fatigue can cause illness and disease. CLEAR helps to RELEASE the anger and resentment that may be causing pain.

ALONE - To heal. It goes deeper. CONSIDER when you leave things alone, you ALLOW them to dissipate, to go away. Constantly focusing on something increases its presence. Also, ALONE is about increasing focus ON self. When you are focused ON yourself, you are removing focus from others, and from judging others. We often cause ourselves stress and pain by looking at others and judging them. How many times have you thought, if only they would have... or felt that someone else hurt you with their focus? Let go of those judgments. What if the only reason what they did hurt you was because you judged them as wrong for doing whatever it is they did? When you CHOOSE to let go of them, of whatever it is about them that "hurt" you, and instead focus on you, you can BEGIN to heal yourself.

ATTENTION - Details, details details. We are looking at healing. Paying attention to the details can make all the difference in the world. Look at what you want. How do you get there? Details will take you there.

SPEED - What is good fortune? Would good health be fortuitous? Let US BRING about good fortune in health and wellness.

NOW - Though NOW means ACT ON good impulse, again, there is much more to this Switchword. It implores you to come to the NOW. GET out of the past. GET out of the future. GET into the NOW. Stop looking back with regret and forward with worry, just live in the NOW.


Health Alignment Energy Circle Attributes:
Black gives protection, is for breaking free from bad habits and addictions, deep meditation and opening up deep unconscious levels.

Violet is for cleansing and clearing, helps to separate energies, relates to self-knowledge and spiritual awareness.

Blue is for devotion, calmness, and sincerity, meditation and spiritual expansion, peace, faith, aspiration, creative expression, relaxes the mind, and cooling and soothing.

Green is for energy, youth, growth, inexperience, fertility, hope, and new life, balance, growth, calming, helps open the ability to give and take unconditionally, is practical and adaptable, and represents money.

Yellow Flood surrounds, engulfs and permeates the Contents with mental activity and intellectual power, ability and awakening, activates nerves and brain, and generates energy for muscles, has a stimulating, cleansing, and eliminating effect on liver, intestines, and skin, helps purify the blood stream and activates the lymphatic system.


Fascinating. Thank you for having me take an in-depth look at these two Switchphrases. I had long ago PUT them TOGETHER inside the Health Alignment Energy Circle, having tested for what phrases would be good to have inside it for healing multiple (unspecified) issues, and more recently, as I had looked at the phrases, I had wondered why those specific phrases, but didn't stop to evaluate them. You brought my ATTENTIONback to them to see why the phrases were there.

Thank you for bringing this AMAZING awareness to me.


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Sharing a Beautiful Poem from a Beautiful Friend
January 1, 2014

Written by Girija Sridhar:
ON this NEW Year day and every day, DIVINE THANKS to the AMAZING Queens Kat and Rhoda. We are INDEED BLESSED.They are radiant lighthouses that GUIDE US WITH LOVE and CARE.

"Kat and Rhoda, you are an absolute delight,
How our anxiety and worry, just vanish from sight. Like a glowing candle, you usher in brightness,
Swiftly chasing away, the uneasy darkness.
That you are a SUPREME-MIRACLE is 100% true,
You SAVE our SHIP, as we are the crew.
Your warmth, your Wisdom, emit a DIVINE glow,
May in your life, PEACE and CALM, FOREVER FLOW."

Thank you, Girija, for a beautiful tribute.

(Work miracles, form innovation, unstoppable invention, restoration, invigoration, connections that create for the greater good, meeting of the minds to mutual benefit.)


January Theme: Love
January 1, 2015

January is a time of new beginnings, a fresh start. We ended the year with November Forgiveness, which helped open us to December Appreciation. Now, having released the old pains with Forgiveness, and opened to Appreciation, we are in a place where we can begin to generate, radiate and experience love.

LOVE (528 Hz)
A Poem by Girija Sridhar

WITH January stepping in, make a clean, fresh start,
RELEASE old pains, hurts, and radiate LOVE from your HEART.
Then BE a witness to a miraculous CHANGE in every way,
A DIVINE transformation blooms and is there to STAY.
In every sphere you CREATE abundance, discover paradise,
WITH so much LOVE within, you easily deal WITH lows and highs.
By giving and accepting LOVE, a MAGICal CHANGE takes place,
Blessings, MIRACLEs, you experience, in many surprising ways.
WITH a HEART FULL of LOVE, hopes and dreams, you generate positivity,
Dispelling inhibitions, forgiving completely and letting go of negativity.
ALLOW the Fountain of LOVE from your HEART to eternally FLOW,
Let the TRANSFORMation of character and thought always glow.

(Bring into being support, dispelling inhibitions, and harmonizing well with and work miracles with generating, radiating and experiencing love and acceptance.)

(Hope springs eternal, feel the world with love, and fill the world with love, form innovation, open opportunities and deliver the goods.)

Throughout the month, anytime between 9 am and 10 am in the morning and 9 pm and 10 pm in the evening (your own local time) we shall TOGETHER chant a Switchword or Defusing Word picked for the day. You are most welcome to join in. Where ever you may be, just chant between that given hour. You don't have to chant it for the whole hour. You can say it once, repeat it 28 times, for 5 minutes, or do it however you desire.  (It is also okay to chant at other times throughout the day.)

Daily Words are courtesy Rhoda Randhawa


1st: NEW
3rd: BE
4th: WOMB
5th: ALONE
6th: HORSE
7th: PHASE
9th: MASK
10th: WATCH
11th: SLOW
12th: HO
13th: OIL
14th: FOR
15th: DUCK
16th: OAK
18th: BUBBLE
19th: GO
20th: INVEST
23rd: ARROW
24th: KEEP
25th: SAGE
28th: LOVE
29th: HELP
30th: Amoeba
31st: Fountain

Flower: Carnation
Flower Energy Blend:  Love
Meditation: Grounding Meditation
Gemstone/Crystal:  Garnet
Animal Wisdom:  Jackal
Frequency:  852 Hz (Unconditional Love)

Annual Theme for 2015: Evolution
January 1, 2015

We have chosen to set a Theme for the year each year, and to PUT TOGETHER support for that Theme to be used throughout the year, to help US ALIGN with that Theme.

We have also chosen to set Monthly Themes, and PUT TOGETHER support for the Monthly Themes as well.

Let us all work TOGETHER to ENHANCE our life experiences.

Themes utilize Switchwords, Defusing Words, Flower Energies, Flower Energy Blends, Chants, Mantras, Meditations and/or Prayers, Gemstones/Crystals, Animal Wisdom, and Healing Numbers/Frequencies.

Many THANKS to Dawnalee Shields, Rhoda Randhawa, Stuti Mishra for their help in creating and developing the Evolution Theme and support.


Annual - 2015
Theme: Evolution
Evolution:  Evolution is a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development. Evolution is an incomplete motion in itself, but when combined with coordinated motion. It can produce a single action, growth, progression, advancement, fruition and/or development. Evolution allows us to adapt to ever-changing environments, and allows for cooperation for mutual benefit. Evolution is about evolving our perception of who we are and how what we are doing contributes to the whole.

Evolution helps us in transforming situations in our families, cities, countries, and even the world, creating a NEW future for ourselves and our children. As we stand TOGETHER with a focus on PEACE amongst all the people of the world, LOVE of all humankind, and tolerance of all our differences, including different religions, faith and beliefs, we can CREATE the changes we want to see in the world.

Switchphrases (Use on the days of the week listed with the phrases, and as desired):


(Reduce tension, relax, be patient and wise, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy, show improved image, feel increased self-worth, solve problems, be secure, reconnect with Source, nourish ambition, get new ideas, build and produce, release ties to guilt-driven action, Let go of constrictions, rise above the pressure and move freely and unencumbered.)


(Become single-minded, improve and advance, give respect, know that all can be, is and ever will be well, hope springs eternal, dispel hypersensitivity.)


(Help others, smooth the rough spots, expand capacity, go beyond, improve and advance, eliminate negativity, unwanted thoughts and conditions, be in high spirits.)


(Transition, become single-minded, feel elation, youthful exuberance, gain perspective on difficult tasks, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.)


(Refine, finalize, see methods for creating tranquility, stability and order where unruly chaos was, make confident decisions, work miracles, recognize and distinguish relevant energy vibrations, see your life from a higher viewpoint, feel the world with love, and fill the world with love.)


(Generate, radiate and experience love and acceptance, totally enjoying, embracing and absorbing, turn setbacks into uplifts, free the mind, breathe easier, dispel inhibitions and be artful, be soothing and caring, allow yourself to let go of negative thoughts and connect to the highest light and beauty within yourself.)


(Connect with your Inner Being, make the decision and stand in it, hold true to your word, let go of old wounds and take responsibility for your actions, open up to forgiveness, benevolence, and generosity, be youthful, form innovation, eliminate remorse.)


Flower: Peony
Flower Energy Blends:  
Joy-Filled Evolution

Mantra: Evolution
Prayer: Ana Bekoach
Gemstone/Crystal:  Butterscotch Beryl
Animal Wisdom:  Chameleon
Number:  191 317 481,901 (From Grigori Grabovoi)
SELF-ACTUALIZED PERSON (self-actualizing person) - a person who has come to the level of self-actualization. He proves to be special, the one without the burden of numerous minor vices such as jealousy, anger, cynicism, and so forth; not prone to depression, pessimism and selfishness, etc. Such a person is distinguished by a high self-esteem, is tolerant of others, independent of conventionalities, unpretentious and democratic, has a philosophical sense of humor, is apt to experience peak feelings such as inspiration, etc.

Frequency:  15 Hz (Rife Frequency)
Integration of Personality, Crown Chakra, Release Emotional Energy Blocks, Pineal Gland

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