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CONSIDER - Switchwords, Numbers and Energy Circles help put out the energy of what we want...and as we use them we get inner promptings for changes in the way we look at and live in the world.

Following those promptings will help us to manifest what we desire quicker.

January 15, 2015

Master Making a Difference
January 7, 2015

(Master making a difference, being empowered, become a good leader and take responsibility.)

One person can make a difference. History has shown that time and again...we even have Switchwords that are individuals who have made a difference:

ABRAHAM LINCOLN – resolve conflicts and reunite

JESUS – create healing focuses; be a comforting presence

LEONARDO da VINCI – be ingeniously creative; master creativity

MAHATMA GANDHI – allow for peaceful resolution

SCHUBERT – be prolific in your creativity; create comforting and uplifting supply

SOCRATES – ask enlightening questions; look deeply into the focus

THOMAS EDISON – be inventive; create new ideas

It all starts with one person with an Idea. DECLARE possibilities, then BEGIN to ENROLL others, who then help to CREATE the vision and BRING transformation (ACT) and build (PUT).

(Create possibilities, gather support by sharing your vision, transform thought into action, unite with transformation and build.)


January 4, 2015

What do you want in the future? BEGIN to I AM it... (instead of what has been...)

Rather than "I am not able to..." say "I am now finding BALANCE and EASE in my life..."

Rather than "I don't want to sound low..." say "I am becoming stronger, enjoying life now..."

Say it as though it is so NOW to BEGIN building it in the future.

You see, there is no future, no past, there is only NOW. Putting what happened before (and you started reading this in the past) in the NOW perpetuates it into the future. Putting what you want in the future in the NOW will BEGIN to build it in the future...for the future will be the NOW, well, NOW.

Heal Multiple Energy Circle
January 3, 2015

A friend posed a question as to how the Switchphrases inside the Heal Multiple Energy Circle related to health and healing, as they appeared to be focused more on emotional and mental issues. This enticed me to look more deeply into what each of the phrases inside the Energy Circle actually means...

Kat Thoughts: On first glance, these Switchphrases, DO appear to BE mostly relating to emotions...and at the ROOT of most all illnesses (if not all) is a focus on negativity (creating negative emotional reactions).

I call this Energy Circle the Heal Multiple Energy Circle because it does not have a single healing focus. Generally if one has many health issues, one has had a lot of negative focuses that need clearing to BEGIN opening to healing. Whenever I am overwhelmed with a list of health issues that seems to GO ON FOREVER, I pull out this Energy Circle and use it as the first line for healing.

Looking in the Switchwords Database here's what I have on the two phrases included. Below definition I also give a specific analysis I just did on each of them:

(Master interpersonal relationships, relieve stress and calm the spirit have faith in the future, trust in the life cycle, know that all can be, is and ever will be well, remember that hope springs eternal, an enduring reward, miraculous formation of events, increase continuously and gradually harmonizing with experiencing the now with joy and happiness, be in peace and maintain wellness, have fun and be in the creative flow, fulfill promises, create a colorful conscious life, dreams beckon reality, step out of the routine and enjoy yourself.)

A Switchwords way of saying...
This is my wish for you and your family: peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, joy to fill your holiday.

Now, breaking it down a bit more and analyzing what it all means more in-depth:

DIVINE-TOGETHER - In mastering interpersonal relationships, we RELEASE stress that often is at the ROOT of illnesses.

Fountain - As we BEGIN to OPEN to trusting that all is well, that nothing is wrong here, we BEGIN to accept things as they are, and again, stress is released, judgments can be let go, again opening US to BEGIN healing.

GOLD - As health and wellness are rewards to keeping a positive, healthy focus, I chose to ADD GOLD here as a reference to enduring health and wellness.

CLOUDS - A miraculous formation of event - healing can be a miraculous formation of event, thus CLOUDS was used here.

ADD - As the focus is now on healing, we want to increase it.

CRESCENDO - As some may have difficulty with a sudden shift toward wellness, we also ALLOW for gradually increasing wellness.

Sunflower - As illness and disease often ensue as we look to our past with negative emotion, judging that things should have been different, as well as worry about what the future may have in store for US, Sunflower, in allowing US to RELEASE blocks caused by those focuses, helps OPEN US to allowing healing to BEGIN.

BE - What if in the definition of "being in peace and maintaining wellness" is (really) exactly the same as "being unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy"? Though clearly with both of these definitions this is one that would be useful in most any healing Switchphrase, BE seems to transcend far beyond those surface meanings. Connect the two meanings TOGETHER and see how one draws the other to it.

Oompa Loompa - When we are rigid, we (again) cause our own stresses, and stress is at the ROOT of many illnesses and diseases. Oompa Loompa helps RELEASE the rigidness that may BE holding US in disease. Oompa Loompa is also about having fun, laughing, enjoying whatever you are doing, and, as has been said many a time, "Laughter is the best medicine."

RAINBOW - As we consciously focus and work on creating a colorful conscious life, we let go of focuses that don't serve this purpose. The more we focus on disease and illness, the more disease and illness we cause in our lives. The more we focus on creating a colorful conscious life, the more healing with positive energy and JOY we CREATE in our lives.

HOLIDAY - As I look at the definition "step out of routine" I see that so very often we cause disease and illness by our longstanding routines - in fact, chronic diseases may have roots in chronic routines. HOLIDAY also entices US to enjoy ourselves, and get out of the monotony of the everyday life, again, centering US in the NOW and in JOY, allowing US to RELEASE focus on the negative things that took US into disease.


(Adapt, be empowered, dispel anger and resentment, heal, do detailed work, bring about good fortune now.)

And breaking this one down...

TAP - What if disease results when we refuse to adapt to our environment? When we see things we wish were different and we focus on them with a negative emotional attitude, we may be creating illness and disease by holding onto this judgment. TAP helps OPEN US to NEW possibilities in adapting to whatever is.

CHOOSE - I LOVE CHOOSE. It is so empowering! Again, we have often judged things that have happened in the past as being wrong, hurtful, etc. We have held onto these things, causing ourselves pain. You can only hold that ball under water so long before your arms get tired and you feel you must RELEASE it or deal with increasing pain. When you FINALLY RELEASE that ball (accept what already is, has been, CHOOSE it), you BEGIN to let go of the pain. Choosing is also empowering. Once I had someone tell me that, "okay, I'll accept it if I have to" with regard to the way someone was in their relationship with them. The focus on "having to" can be really debilitating. If you want one thing, and along with it comes something you do not want, well, take a moment and you want the one thing enough to CHOOSE it despite what comes along with it? If so, then CHOOSE the whole thing, not just the little bits and pieces you like. It's a whole package. CHOOSE it or do not CHOOSE it; you can't take little pieces of it and leave the rest.

CLEAR - Anger and resentment will cause tightness in the body. Connect to something that makes you feel angry. NOW feel that anger. What is it doing to your body? Feel the tightness? Is it in the jaw? The chest? The arms? Wherever it is anger is held can become fatigued, and you got it, fatigue can cause illness and disease. CLEAR helps to RELEASE the anger and resentment that may be causing pain.

ALONE - To heal. It goes deeper. CONSIDER when you leave things alone, you ALLOW them to dissipate, to go away. Constantly focusing on something increases its presence. Also, ALONE is about increasing focus ON self. When you are focused ON yourself, you are removing focus from others, and from judging others. We often cause ourselves stress and pain by looking at others and judging them. How many times have you thought, if only they would have... or felt that someone else hurt you with their focus? Let go of those judgments. What if the only reason what they did hurt you was because you judged them as wrong for doing whatever it is they did? When you CHOOSE to let go of them, of whatever it is about them that "hurt" you, and instead focus on you, you can BEGIN to heal yourself.

ATTENTION - Details, details details. We are looking at healing. Paying attention to the details can make all the difference in the world. Look at what you want. How do you get there? Details will take you there.

SPEED - What is good fortune? Would good health be fortuitous? Let US BRING about good fortune in health and wellness.

NOW - Though NOW means ACT ON good impulse, again, there is much more to this Switchword. It implores you to come to the NOW. GET out of the past. GET out of the future. GET into the NOW. Stop looking back with regret and forward with worry, just live in the NOW.


Health Alignment Energy Circle Attributes:
Black gives protection, is for breaking free from bad habits and addictions, deep meditation and opening up deep unconscious levels.

Violet is for cleansing and clearing, helps to separate energies, relates to self-knowledge and spiritual awareness.

Blue is for devotion, calmness, and sincerity, meditation and spiritual expansion, peace, faith, aspiration, creative expression, relaxes the mind, and cooling and soothing.

Green is for energy, youth, growth, inexperience, fertility, hope, and new life, balance, growth, calming, helps open the ability to give and take unconditionally, is practical and adaptable, and represents money.

Yellow Flood surrounds, engulfs and permeates the Contents with mental activity and intellectual power, ability and awakening, activates nerves and brain, and generates energy for muscles, has a stimulating, cleansing, and eliminating effect on liver, intestines, and skin, helps purify the blood stream and activates the lymphatic system.


Fascinating. Thank you for having me take an in-depth look at these two Switchphrases. I had long ago PUT them TOGETHER inside the Health Alignment Energy Circle, having tested for what phrases would be good to have inside it for healing multiple (unspecified) issues, and more recently, as I had looked at the phrases, I had wondered why those specific phrases, but didn't stop to evaluate them. You brought my ATTENTIONback to them to see why the phrases were there.

Thank you for bringing this AMAZING awareness to me.


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Sharing a Beautiful Poem from a Beautiful Friend
January 1, 2014

Written by Girija Sridhar:
ON this NEW Year day and every day, DIVINE THANKS to the AMAZING Queens Kat and Rhoda. We are INDEED BLESSED.They are radiant lighthouses that GUIDE US WITH LOVE and CARE.

"Kat and Rhoda, you are an absolute delight,
How our anxiety and worry, just vanish from sight. Like a glowing candle, you usher in brightness,
Swiftly chasing away, the uneasy darkness.
That you are a SUPREME-MIRACLE is 100% true,
You SAVE our SHIP, as we are the crew.
Your warmth, your Wisdom, emit a DIVINE glow,
May in your life, PEACE and CALM, FOREVER FLOW."

Thank you, Girija, for a beautiful tribute.

(Work miracles, form innovation, unstoppable invention, restoration, invigoration, connections that create for the greater good, meeting of the minds to mutual benefit.)


January Theme: Love
January 1, 2015

January is a time of new beginnings, a fresh start. We ended the year with November Forgiveness, which helped open us to December Appreciation. Now, having released the old pains with Forgiveness, and opened to Appreciation, we are in a place where we can begin to generate, radiate and experience love.

LOVE (528 Hz)
A Poem by Girija Sridhar

WITH January stepping in, make a clean, fresh start,
RELEASE old pains, hurts, and radiate LOVE from your HEART.
Then BE a witness to a miraculous CHANGE in every way,
A DIVINE transformation blooms and is there to STAY.
In every sphere you CREATE abundance, discover paradise,
WITH so much LOVE within, you easily deal WITH lows and highs.
By giving and accepting LOVE, a MAGICal CHANGE takes place,
Blessings, MIRACLEs, you experience, in many surprising ways.
WITH a HEART FULL of LOVE, hopes and dreams, you generate positivity,
Dispelling inhibitions, forgiving completely and letting go of negativity.
ALLOW the Fountain of LOVE from your HEART to eternally FLOW,
Let the TRANSFORMation of character and thought always glow.

(Bring into being support, dispelling inhibitions, and harmonizing well with and work miracles with generating, radiating and experiencing love and acceptance.)

(Hope springs eternal, feel the world with love, and fill the world with love, form innovation, open opportunities and deliver the goods.)

Throughout the month, anytime between 9 am and 10 am in the morning and 9 pm and 10 pm in the evening (your own local time) we shall TOGETHER chant a Switchword or Defusing Word picked for the day. You are most welcome to join in. Where ever you may be, just chant between that given hour. You don't have to chant it for the whole hour. You can say it once, repeat it 28 times, for 5 minutes, or do it however you desire.  (It is also okay to chant at other times throughout the day.)

Daily Words are courtesy Rhoda Randhawa


1st: NEW
3rd: BE
4th: WOMB
5th: ALONE
6th: HORSE
7th: PHASE
9th: MASK
10th: WATCH
11th: SLOW
12th: HO
13th: OIL
14th: FOR
15th: DUCK
16th: OAK
18th: BUBBLE
19th: GO
20th: INVEST
23rd: ARROW
24th: KEEP
25th: SAGE
28th: LOVE
29th: HELP
30th: Amoeba
31st: Fountain

Flower: Carnation
Flower Energy Blend:  Love
Meditation: Grounding Meditation
Gemstone/Crystal:  Garnet
Animal Wisdom:  Jackal
Frequency:  852 Hz (Unconditional Love)

Annual Theme for 2015: Evolution
December 30, 2014

We have chosen to set a Theme for the year each year, and to PUT TOGETHER support for that Theme to be used throughout the year, to help US ALIGN with that Theme.

We have also chosen to set Monthly Themes, and PUT TOGETHER support for the Monthly Themes as well.

Let us all work TOGETHER to ENHANCE our life experiences.

Themes utilize Switchwords, Defusing Words, Flower Energies, Flower Energy Blends, Chants, Mantras, Meditations and/or Prayers, Gemstones/Crystals, Animal Wisdom, and Healing Numbers/Frequencies.

Many THANKS to Dawnalee Shields, Rhoda Randhawa, Stuti Mishra for their help in creating and developing the Evolution Theme and support.


Annual - 2015
Theme: Evolution
Evolution:  Evolution is a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development. Evolution is an incomplete motion in itself, but when combined with coordinated motion. It can produce a single action, growth, progression, advancement, fruition and/or development. Evolution allows us to adapt to ever-changing environments, and allows for cooperation for mutual benefit. Evolution is about evolving our perception of who we are and how what we are doing contributes to the whole.

Evolution helps us in transforming situations in our families, cities, countries, and even the world, creating a NEW future for ourselves and our children. As we stand TOGETHER with a focus on PEACE amongst all the people of the world, LOVE of all humankind, and tolerance of all our differences, including different religions, faith and beliefs, we can CREATE the changes we want to see in the world.

Switchphrases (Use on the days of the week listed with the phrases, and as desired):


(Reduce tension, relax, be patient and wise, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy, show improved image, feel increased self-worth, solve problems, be secure, reconnect with Source, nourish ambition, get new ideas, build and produce, release ties to guilt-driven action, Let go of constrictions, rise above the pressure and move freely and unencumbered.)


(Become single-minded, improve and advance, give respect, know that all can be, is and ever will be well, hope springs eternal, dispel hypersensitivity.)


(Help others, smooth the rough spots, expand capacity, go beyond, improve and advance, eliminate negativity, unwanted thoughts and conditions, be in high spirits.)


(Transition, become single-minded, feel elation, youthful exuberance, gain perspective on difficult tasks, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.)


(Refine, finalize, see methods for creating tranquility, stability and order where unruly chaos was, make confident decisions, work miracles, recognize and distinguish relevant energy vibrations, see your life from a higher viewpoint, feel the world with love, and fill the world with love.)


(Generate, radiate and experience love and acceptance, totally enjoying, embracing and absorbing, turn setbacks into uplifts, free the mind, breathe easier, dispel inhibitions and be artful, be soothing and caring, allow yourself to let go of negative thoughts and connect to the highest light and beauty within yourself.)


(Connect with your Inner Being, make the decision and stand in it, hold true to your word, let go of old wounds and take responsibility for your actions, open up to forgiveness, benevolence, and generosity, be youthful, form innovation, eliminate remorse.)


Flower: Peony
Flower Energy Blends:  
Joy-Filled Evolution

Mantra: Evolution
Prayer: Ana Bekoach
Gemstone/Crystal:  Butterscotch Beryl
Animal Wisdom:  Chameleon
Number:  191 317 481,901 (From Grigori Grabovoi)
SELF-ACTUALIZED PERSON (self-actualizing person) - a person who has come to the level of self-actualization. He proves to be special, the one without the burden of numerous minor vices such as jealousy, anger, cynicism, and so forth; not prone to depression, pessimism and selfishness, etc. Such a person is distinguished by a high self-esteem, is tolerant of others, independent of conventionalities, unpretentious and democratic, has a philosophical sense of humor, is apt to experience peak feelings such as inspiration, etc.

Frequency:  15 Hz (Rife Frequency)
Integration of Personality, Crown Chakra, Release Emotional Energy Blocks, Pineal Gland

Switchwords Request and Response
December 28, 2014

Request: "I always have a problem with saving money."

Kat Thoughts: First, CONSIDER rephrasing your request...when you say "I always..." you perpetuate whatever follows into the future. BEGIN putting things you do not want to KEEP in your future into the past..."I used to..." and BEGIN putting what you DO want in your future in the NOW..."I am NOW responsible with my money. I NOW easily SAVE and expand my fortune..."

That having been said here is a phrase to help:

(Fix this thing, deliver the goods, end procrastination, end this unwanted habit, make money, increase it, cherish it, act on good impulse now.)


This Shallow and Judging World
December 20, 2014

A request was made: When I look in the mirror I only look at my eyes and hair. If I look at my whole body, I get hysterical !!!!....and it's been this way just as recently as 4 years ago when my entire life turned upside-down and since then for every step forward, it seems I'm taking take 3 steps back...similar to dancing the Cha-cha!....I'm a beautiful mess inside, and while I know that these scars give me depth, texture and strength, the shallow world we live in judges us from the outside.....I want to make brand new start in 2015....requesting magical Switchwords.

Let us BEGIN with recognition that what we PUT out there for others to think about US is what they tend to think about US...

What I mean is...YOU describe your world as shallow and judging you from the outside.

What if now, for 2015, you BEGIN to see the world as seeing the depth of you, the texture and strength.

What if now, for 2015, you BEGIN to see the world has supporting, loving and caring about you, the deep you, the caring you, the you inside of you?

Remember, the world around US is a Mirrored Reflection of our inner thoughts.

What if you PUT out to the world the thoughts of you as really are? No, not the polished image.
No, not the you that you think others want to see.
No, not the you that worries what others will think, and acts on these thoughts.

The you that is there, beneath all the worries about what the rest of the world thinks of you.

The you that is unique, with all the bumps, scars, bulges, and experiences this life has brought you.

The you that is aching to be real, be what you want to be, not what (you think) others want you to be.

What if the real you, the one you hide from the world, is PURRFECT in all your imperfections?

What if when you OPEN yourself, ALLOW yourself to BE vulnerable, ALLOW the world to see that Inner Beauty that is YOU, the world takes you in a FULL ON EMBRACE?

This is Evolution! This is it! This is OUR 2015 Theme. You found it. We have been working on it the last few months, preparing to introduce it at the end of the year, and here you are introducing it a few days early!

(Release old pains, be empowered, bring into existence, make available, build and produce, feeling satisfied, form innovation, embark on the optimal journey, unstoppable invention, restoration and invigoration, unify, open up to acceptance and love of all aspects of self, both light and dark, as valuable to the whole, accept and love those around you, as the world around you is always a reflection of your inner thoughts and feelings, expand capacity, go beyond, nourish ambition, get new ideas, build, produce, give and receive complete acceptance.)

Create Evolution!


P.S. Stay tuned for the 2015 Evolution Theme and all its support, coming December 31 (or thereabouts).

Working with Energy Circles
December 14, 2014

Set the Energy Circle face up on a flat surface, or hang it on a wall, to allow it to broadcast to you 24/7.

On the computer, an Energy Circle is active when it is displayed, unimpeded, on the screen.

You can use your Energy Circle as a screen saver.

Charge water with an Energy Circle by placing the water vessel on it for a minimum of 15 seconds (longer, even a lot longer, is fine).

Place an Energy Circle under your pillow or mattress/bed to have it in your energy field while you sleep.

Though it is not necessary, you can chant the Switchphrases and numbers inside the Energy Circle anytime you CHOOSE. Some like to repeat 28 times morning and evening.

You can print as many copies of an Energy Circle as you wish, and as long as they are identical Energy Circles, they count as a single Energy Circle.

If you specifically put something you wish to have outside your experience outside of an Energy Circle, but wish to sleep on the Energy Circle, you can print a second copy without anything outside it to sleep on.  (It may not be wise to sleep on an Energy Circle which has something you do not want in your experience written outside it, as even though it is outside the Energy Circle, when you sleep on it, it is put into your energy field.)

You can print a copy of an Energy Circle for charging water, a copy for hanging on the wall, and a copy for having under your pillow, mattress or bed.

An Energy Circle is deactivated when it is turned over, facing the ground, or if you draw an X through it that breaks the lines of the Energy Circle, and is permanently disabled when folded, torn or put in the trash.

More about Energy Circles at:

NEW! Switchwords and
Healing Numbers and Frequencies Databases Interface

December 9, 2014

Today we introduce to you a new interface for Switchwords and Healing Numbers and Frequencies Databases!

The Database interface has been completely rewritten to combine access to both Databases in one browser window.

Along the way we also cleared a few issues we had with some of the browsers.  Previously Safari and Internet Explorer users had some difficulty accessing the Databases.  This rewrite has addressed these issues.

We have also made the Query more powerful  Now you can enter a Query in all fields to have it match multiple conditions.  For example, you can search the Frequencies Database for all application that include "headache" in the Application field and "success" in the Information field to quickly and easily find all numbers for headaches that have Success Stories.

Watch a short video on YouTube showing a quick preview of the new Switchwords and Healing Numbers and Frequencies Database interface program at:

December Theme: Appreciation
The last two months we focused on Contemplate and Forgiveness. This month we turn to Appreciation. Appreciation shows gratitude, thankful recognition. Let us look to the waning days of the year with Appreciation for all of our experiences throughout these 12 months. What has this year brought to you? Has your knowledge expanded? Have you overcome challenges? Take time each day throughout this month to notice something for which you have Appreciation, be it something in the current moment or reflections of the past. Focus on it. Expand it. Linger in the space of Appreciation. SHOW it thankful recognition, Appreciation.

A Poem by Girija Sridhar

The year end Theme aptly is Appreciation,
Let US all SHOW thankful recognition.
Your day may have brightened by a single SMILE,
BE appreciative, make it your unique style.
Appreciating anything is truly a delight,
So UPlifting and always right.
Whether a REFLECTion of the past or something in the present,
Let gratitude and appreciation, BE just as frequent.
WITH appreciation comes a sense of JOY and PEACE,
Happiness and contentment are sure to increase.
Contemplate ON all you received through the year,
Feel satisfied, recognize and BE FULL of CHEER!
Never miss an opportunity to appreciate,
Let it always BE your finest trait.

(Feel gratitude and appreciation, receive generosity, make a priority feeling satisfied, and showing appreciation.)

(Master your ability to align your energies with appreciation, harmonize with increased self-worth, self-love and confidence, and support feeling gratitude and appreciation for generating, radiating and experiencing love and acceptance.)


Daily Switchwords/Defusing Words for December
(Click on word for definition)

2nd: SPEED
5th: ACT
6th: Home
7th: Raspberry
8th: Amoeba
9th: Pillar of the Peace of I
11th: SAGE
12th: Cogito Ergo Sum
13th: Idea
14th: Ashoka
15th: Blue Bonnet
16th: Dolphin
17th: WINGS
18th: YES!
19th: Picnic Basket
21st: DIVINE
22nd: LIGHT
23rd: DivineORDER
24th: Santa Claus
25th: JESUS
27th: REFINE
28th: REVEAL
30th: EVOKE


Flower: Narcissus
Flower Energy Blend:  Appreciation
Meditation: Gratitude
Gemstone/Crystal: Turquoise
Animal Wisdom:
Number:  3,396,815 (Provides an inner energy and massage to the body’s organs and cells. Pain healing.)
Frequency:  360 Hz (Many applications, including the Earth Frequency, Hu Frequency (Hu is the power of the spoken word, the power of creation), helps with emotional balance, gives a sense of healing and a sense of JOY).

Nothing EVER Goes as Planned
November 29, 2014

CONSIDER nothing EVER goes exactly as planned. It's life. GET OVER it!

Instead of holding onto it must BE the way I planned it, GET an Idea of the Feelings you want out there, and then just roll WITH the WAVE that comes to you.

The Universe runs ON Feelings. BE OPEN to allowing that the Feelings you wish to experience can BE there, but often in a different way than what you expected. ALLOW SURPRISE to GUIDE you to VICTORY. LIGHTNING may HELP you MOVE quickly and with purpose, and RUSH may HELP you GET past blocks and MOVE quickly toward your goals.

(End frustration, overcome obstacles and move quickly toward your goals, move swiftly and with purpose, brighten your domain, nourish ambition and get new ideas, unstoppable invention, restoration, invigoration, trust the unknown to be defined, take joy in discovery, allow yourself to know the way, promote overcoming and achieving.)


Losing Yourself in Your Life
November 24, 2014

As we GO through different phases of our lives, we look through different filters. Yes, a woman often gives up much of what she was pursuing as marriage and children come to her. And as time goes by, sometimes her focus turns to things she gave up, and perhaps resentment begins to grow. As the resentment grows, so does, very often, the distance in the marriage.

We have our stories in our heads, about what should be, should have been, how other people have caused trouble in our lives, how different it could have been...and ever on with more. Whether we recognize it or not, we CHOOSE the stories which are in our heads, and we react to those stories (rather than what is really going on).

One example is a wife who feels unappreciated by her husband. He comes home, expects dinner on the table and is unhappy if it is not so. The wife, in anticipation of how he will be when he gets home, holds resentment and anger throughout the day, begrudgingly makes the meal he will anticipate and holds onto a story about his not appreciating it. When he arrives, she is already reacting to his lack of appreciation...perhaps short with him, not welcoming to him, and offering a meal created while in a space of irritation and frustration, which will reflect that energy as it is eaten. So, the atmosphere continues with the same old, same old, and soon the wife resents having given up all the possibilities she could have created had she not embarked upon this relationship.

The story drives the experience. Feeling unappreciated will CREATE an atmosphere where appreciation is lost. We react to the action first, creating the anticipated action.

When the woman realizes that she is in control of her stories, and she begins to look through a new Kaleidoscope (had to throw that Defusing Word in - Kaleidoscope is for defusing monotony and drudgery, Cinderella Syndrome (fear of independence) and inferiority complex. Kaleidoscope helps give one a feeling of beauty, self-worth, confidence, purpose, shows how changing oneself is possible, and can be beautiful. Kaleidoscope helps us see that we can take control of our lives and create the changes we desire ourselves.), she begins to see that by simply changing her point of view, her story, she begins to affect changes in her life.

Nobody else can CREATE self-esteem, self-love, confidence and CHANGE for you. Others can be a CATALYST. Others can GIVE support and OFFER STRUCTURE, but in the END one must CHOOSE to ELATE the situation, TAKE a NEW perspective.

Switchwords are wonderful tools for helping RELEASE negatives, HOLD onto positives and OPEN US to NEW possibilities.

I LOVE AWE and Snowflake for helping one to recognize their value in this world, and VIBRANT-CRYSTAL-HORSE for helping one CREATE a strong presence, and increase self-confidence, self-love and self-worth.

Instead of focusing on all the things we do not want in our lives, all the things we think are wrong, or shouldn't have happened, or even things we believe really should have been or should be, let US BEGIN to CHOOSE the past, to RELEASE its HOLD ON US, and look to the future with a knowing that we are NOW in control.

When you feel lost in life.
When you feel family and responsibility have caused you to lose your focus on yourself in life.
When you want to reclaim who you are.

(Release old pains, be empowered, turn setbacks into uplifts, become a good leader, form innovation, create multiple possibilities, harmonize well with dispelling inhibitions, breathing easier, remember that it is your uniqueness that creates the beauty that is you, feel increased beauty, self-worth, confidence, purpose, see how changing yourself is possible, and can be beautiful, you can take control of your life and create the changes you desire yourself, be your authentic self, the world is better because you are here.)


Celebrating Emotional Freedom Vial's Birthday
November 18, 2014

Nine years ago today, the Emotional Freedom vial was created! What a great 9 years it has been!

We have watched the Emotional Freedom vial grow and mature from a quick way to run a single focused intention, running any phrase you stated through Energetic EFT 25 times, to where it is now linked to 116 files chock full of setup phrases, Switchwords, pictures, and much more, including Borrowing Benefits and extended points, and as files are called and the vial is run, now the body energy is saturated with 1000 rounds of Energetic EFT.

Today, the Emotional Freedom vial's 9th Birthday, in celebration, I introduce a new gift, the Blue Iris Wellness vial.  Blue Iris Wellness has been in development for the past 4 years.  It originated as some techniques I put TOGETHER and called Kat's Techniques, working with a few disciplines I learned, and as Blue Iris Learning Center began to grow and expand, the vial began to TRANSFORM into something totally NEW and beautiful.

Blue Iris Wellness (BIW) is an Energy Vial created with specific intention of helping each Blue Iris Wellness vial owner attain and maintain optimum wellness, helping to balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Blue Iris Wellness is designed as an auto-running Energy Vial utilizing multiple techniques to Optimize Harmonization of all Vial Owners and Vial Users with life.

Learn more about Blue Iris Wellness at

Join us in celebrating Emotional Freedom vial's birthday, and welcome our new arrival, Blue Iris Wellness! For a limited time only, you can buy both vials TOGETHER (a $145 value) for just $99.95!

Click here to buy the Emotional Freedom and Blue Iris Wellness vials TOGETHER.

Answering Some CONCERNS about Energy Circles...
October 31, 2014

First, relax. TRUST that you are doing fine. However, you CHOOSE to use the Energy Circles and Switchwords is fine.

The only Important rules I can think of regarding Energy Circles are:

1. Energy Circle must be closed (no openings in the line). It can be any shape you want it to be.

2. No more than 3 Switchphrases in an Energy Circle (can cause dilution/overwhelm). This is phrases, which are okay to be how long you need them for a specific focus (sometimes up to maybe 10-12 Switchwords in one phrase).

3. No more than 3 Energy Circles with a person's name inside (for specifically broadcasting to the person). More seem to either dilute the effects or deactivate one or more of the Energy Circles. I know of no limit to the number of Energy Circles one can have active in a space, however.

4. Up to 25 Emotional Freedom files can be inserted into one Energy Circle, and no matter how many times a specific file is called inside the Energy Circle, it counts as a single file (Switch can be used with multiple Switchphrases, and the 3 Switchphrase limit is lifted when using the Emotional Freedom vial, as it works with the body intelligence to flow things as required.)

5. I know of no limit to how many numbers can be used inside a single Energy Circle.

6. When folded, crumpled or torn, the Energy Circle is broken, and will no longer broadcast. An Energy Circle must be in a single plane to be a "circle."

7. Text inside the Energy Circle should not break the Energy Circle perimeter. If text extends beyond the border of the Energy Circle, the Energy Circle is broken and may not work properly.

Balanced Being Support Energy Blend for Eclipses
October 21, 2014

We have a Partial Solar Eclipse coming on October 23, and I wanted to share a Support Energy Blend that can be called through the Flower Energies vial to help keep things flowing smoothly. This is a Blend created by Dawnalee Shields (thank you Dawnalee!)

Balanced Being (DAW)

Useful for support from feeling out of whack from solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and all the other groovy transition energies flowing around.

Support Energy Description:
Basic energetic system clear and balance with reiki + essential oils.
Aligned to current place, time, dimension
3-part forgiveness
Centering and grounding

Click here to learn more about the Flower Energies vial

How DO Energy Circles Work?
September 30, 2014

Though I can GIVE my theory about how Energy Circles work, I don't really know the details of how they work.  Experience has just shown that they DO work.

Everything we think, say, intend and DO is recorded into the Ashoka records, and can then BE accessed by the Universe.

When a thought is thought, it is broadcast out to the Universe.

When the thought is spoken, it is broadcast out to the Universe, but also heard by those nearby.

When something is written, it is broadcast out to the Universe, and it also becomes more permanently available to US.

When you draw a Circle AROUND something, you draw more ATTENTION to it.  A Circle tends to signify something of importance.

When we write a name ON a paper, along with Switchwords, Defusing Words, Homeopathic Remedies, etc, and draw a Circle around them TOGETHER, we CREATE a focus of importance and an association BETWEEN the things inside the Circle.

Energy Circle Origins

The origins of the Energy Circles we learn about through Blue Iris Learning Center began in 2007...

One day Rhoda told me about a way to send Rescue Remedy (a Bach Flower essence) to people by placing 4 drops of Rescue Remedy in a glass of water, and then setting that glass of water ON top of a Circle which had a line drawn from it with an ARROW pointing to another Circle which had the person's name the Rescue Remedy was meant to treat inside it. SOMEHOW, the Rescue Remedy was received by the intended, and the healing would BEGIN.

As I looked at this concept, I realized that the line, ARROW and second Circle were not really needed; that just setting the glass of water ON a Circle with the person's name inside it would broadcast the Rescue Remedy to them. It worked!

That day, the concept we NOW call Energy Circles was born.

Through time, we found that we could ADD Switchwords, Defusing Words, Homeopathic Remedy Names, Healing Numbers and Frequencies, etc., to these Energy Circles and, even without water, broadcast them to individuals whose names were inside the Energy Circles.

As the concept grew, we found that we could add Color Therapy to the Energy Circles simply by choosing Colors for the Energy Circles (click to learn more about Colored Energy Circles), and we discovered additional components that could enhance the broadcasts, such as Rays (click here to learn more about Energy Circles with Rays) to concentrate the energy and speed things up, Concentric Energy Circles to blend Colors and ALLOW for the Attributes of Multiple Colors to BE added into the broadcast, FLOWER Energy Circles to add the subtle energy of flowers, HEART Energy Circles for adding love, joy and compassion, Handprint Energy Circles and Astrological Energy Circles, etc. (click here to read more about these additional Energy Circles).

Birth of Radionic Amplifier Energy Circles

One day I was BLESSED WITH a gift from a friend, showing me an Idea that someone had created FOR amplifying Radionic broadcasts. As I looked at what was presented to me, I saw that there were good concepts there, and, a few months later, while I was in Salt Lake, my dear friend Dawnalee and I got TOGETHER and looked into the presentation. As we looked at the energy and how we could TRANSFORM it into something that would work FOR US to use FOR amplifying Energy Circle broadcasts, the information for what is NOW the Radionic Amplifier Energy Circle came into form. Upon my return to Tucson that weekend, WITH the vision of what we wanted fresh in my mind, my husband and I set forth to CREATE the Radionic Amplifier Energy Circle (RAEC). This particular Energy Circle is very precise, and should BE used from a printout of an original RAEC, rather than attempting to draw it by hand.

Energy Circles and Law of Attraction

When you CONSIDER the Law of Attraction - that which is like unto itself is drawn - you may recognize that as your thoughts and feelings are projected out into the world, you draw the experiences you have to you.

When you PUT your name ON something, you are laying claim to it. What if an Energy Circle WITH your name inside it is you laying claim to the energy that is inside it...the Switchwords, Defusing Words, Homeopathic Remedies...whatever healing is intended WITH the Energy Circle? Because it has your name within, it is specific to you.

If you CHOOSE to CREATE Energy Circles without names included, then, just as a green curtain hanging passively in a room adds its energy to that room, so does an Energy Circle, placed specifically in a room. The design of a room creates the energy FLOW of the room. We use specific colors, textures and forms to CREATE the specific atmosphere we want in a room.

What if the same is true WITH the Energy Circles...they ADD to the atmosphere of the specific place where we KEEP them?

Sleeping With Energy Circles
September 29, 2014

A friend and I were discussing Energy Circles, and the idea of putting them under your pillow, mattress or bed, to have them in your energy field as you sleep.

This may be a great idea, but there is one precaution one may wish to take...

If the Energy Circle has outside it something you wish to have outside your experience, make a new Energy Circle without anything outside it for sleeping on.  The reason for this is that the Energy Circle itself winds up inside your energy field while you sleep, and so does anything you have specifically written outside the Energy Circle to keep it outside your experience.

Generally speaking, putting what you want outside your experience outside an Energy Circle with your name inside it is a great way to keep things outside your experience, so long as you do not sleep with those Energy Circles.

Use an Energy Circle with what you want outside your
experience outside the Energy Circle for a general broadcast.

Use an Energy Circle with nothing outside the
Energy Circle for sleeping on.



What is a Healthy Diet?
September 25, 2014

A question was posed about diet...Which is healthiest? Which should I follow?

My thoughts...

CONSIDER what ancestors ate is what your body is set up for eating. The human body adapts to new ways of eating over generations. If several generations (according to Total Body Modification, 11 generations, and Natural Healing, 12 generations) have eaten vegetarian, the body has adjusted to that, if they have been eating meat, then the body is set up for that.

I have found that protein utilization is out on a vegetarian whose body requires meat, and fixing it, giving it 3 minutes and testing it again will show that it has blown again.

It is not a matter of judgment about whether it is right or wrong to eat meat, but rather an alignment with the diet your ancestors ate.

Regarding spirituality relating to diet...I, personally, do not believe that our higher guides involve themselves in telling us what foods we should or should not eat. That kind of judgment is learned in our physical experience. As we listen and learn from others we develop our belief systems, which often we then believe are messages coming from our higher selves or guides. CONSIDER that our guides will never be judgmental, tell us we are doing something wrong or that another is wrong. They tend to simply help us see brighter paths and encourage us to see things in new ways. Pettiness and judgment are just not there.

CONSIDER that even as animals are slaughtered for us, so are plants. Because we cannot see their emotions does not mean they do not have them. Ever notice how hard a carrot holds onto the Earth as you try to pull it out? You kill that carrot when you disconnect it from the Earth. It is in death of one that life of another is sustained. It is the way the physical world works. There is no need to judge one way of eating as wrong and another as right. We have rabbits that tend only to eat greens, and we have lions that tend only to eat meat. Why would we have a higher source that judges us as wrong to eat either, when our higher source created both those creatures?

Anniversary Wishes
September 18, 2014

Yesterday was my husband's and my wedding anniversary, and my dear friend Girija Sridhar? graced US  with a beautiful poem.  

I am sharing the poem here so many can enjoy the beauty and talent that Girija brings to us:

Two VIBRANT twinkling stars, united TOGETHER,
May you shine and SPARKLE, FOR eternity and EVER!
Your hearts have merged, FOREVER to STAY,
TOGETHER you deal, what comes your way.
Hand-in-hand, you are MUSIC in tune,
To one another, you are a DIVINE boon.
Cherish WITH delight, this magical day,
WITH color and fragrance, like a beautiful bouquet.
May you BEAM and EMBRACE, many SWEET anniversaries,
BE BLESSED by the Angels, your life BE at EASE.
The Switchword Group says CHEERS! to Kat? and Joe,
May LOVE, JOY and PEACE, CONTINUE to echo.
Girija Sridhar

We tend to react to the energies others put out in their thoughts about US. As we think about a person, the thoughts we hold onto are the ones that tend to build our experience with them. In other words, let go of how a person you wish to see change has been, to
September 3, 2014

Blue Iris Forum
September 2, 2014

The last few months we have been adding quite a bit to the Blue Iris Learning Center Forum. While Rhoda has been adding Energy Circles to the General Boards, I have been working diligently on updating the Subscription Boards with Energy Circles and Success Stories.

We've updated the Forum color scheme, hopefully making it more inviting.  The Forum is a format that allows for much easier sorting and searching, making it a friendly (and private) environment for learning and sharing:

The Forum comes free with all Blue Iris Learning Center Subscriptions.  Subscribe to Blue Iris Learning Center at:

Join us and see what you've been missing!



Samples of My Own Files
August 24, 2014

I have had many requests for examples of files that can be used with My Own File, a file linked to the Emotional Freedom vial. I have compiled a number of PDFs to give examples and they are now available.

My Own File ____________
This file opens up the ability for you to create your own Emotional Freedom files and quickly and easily run them through the Emotional Freedom vial. You can also put standard files linked to the Emotional Freedom vial into your own files (see samples below). Up to 25 files from the Emotional Freedom File List can be added to any one of your own files called by "My Own File."

To run your own files through the Emotional Freedom vial with this file:

1. Create and name a file with affirmations and/or up to 25 file names from the Emotional Freedom Files List you wish to run through the EF vial.

2. Save that file either on a computer or on paper with the name you have chosen.

3. Call your file with this file.

For example, say:
"My Own File" "Health Issues" (where “Health Issues” is the name of a file you have created)

Each file you call with "My Own File_______" counts as 1 (one) EF file. You can still say 3 (three) more files, for a total of four (4) files, before "running" the vial.

Or you can say up to 4 (four) of your own files utilizing this file, before "running" the vial.

For example, say:
"My Own File" "Health Issues" (where “Health Issues” is the name of a file you have created)
"My Own File" "Childhood Traumas" (where “Childhood Traumas” is the name of a file you have created)
"My Own File" "Sisters" (where “Sisters” is the name of a file you have created)
"My Own File" "Work" (where “Work” is the name of a file you have created)
(Run vial)

"My Own File" "Sexual Difficulties" (where “Sexual Difficulties” is the name of a file you have created)
"My Own File" "Privacy Issues" (where “Privacy Issues” is the name of a file you have created)
"My Own File" "Possessive Nature" (where “Possessive Nature” is the name of a file you have created)
(Run vial or say up to 1 [one] more file, then Run vial)

In the above example 7 (seven) files were run. After saying 4 (four) files, the vial was run, then 3 (three) more files were said and then the vial was run.

Some sample My Own Files:

MOF Body Heal.pdf
MOF Beautiful Body.pdf
MOF Boils.pdf
MOF Dental Shakti System.pdf

MOF Eye Miracle.pdf
MOF Faith.pdf
MOF General Heal.pdf
MOF Itching and Hearing.pdf

MOF Loose Bowels.pdf
MOF MIR Method.pdf
MOF Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Clearing.pdf
MOF Positive Transmutations.pdf

MOF Pregnancy and Fertility.pdf
MOF Releasing Negative Connections.pdf
MOF Sage.pdf
MOF Situation Heal.pdf

MOF Soul Mate Love.pdf
MOF Teeth and Gums Rejuvenation.pdf

What Do You Want?
July 14, 2014

What is it that you want? That should always be your focus.

When you feel a negative emotion, you are being told that whatever your current focus is, you are creating more to continue this feeling. It is telling you you are out of alignment with your Inner Being. You are creating things that are taking you away from what it is that you want.

What if another's negative emotions are simply some of your own thoughts being reflected back to you?

What if you believe that someone thinks something negative about you, and because you believe that you react to it, thus creating what you thought you saw?

What if the reaction comes first, and then the experience of what you reacted to?

You cannot know what another person thinks of you....and that TOO is none of your business. What is your business, is what you think of others, and if you clean that UP, look for positive aspects of the people you feel are dissing you, then focus on those things, you BEGIN to CREATE more of what you want. If someone speaks negative about you, CONSIDER

CONSIDER 90% of every experience is the story you write about it. You write a story about what was meant, said, happened, and then you react to the story...not to what actually happened...

Say John looked at you and pulled a face. You decided that that face meant he was not happy with the way you looked. You decided that something was wrong with the way you looked, so you went into the ladies room and checked yourself out, fixed your make-up, straightened your outfit, looked for something that is wrong with you. You found nothing. So now you decided that John is being picky about how you look. You decided that John doesn't like you because he pulled a face at you. You then go back out and you shun John, because after all he pulled a face at you, didn't like something about you, and now you are watching him, looking for things not to like about him. He is so conceited. He walks around with his head held high. He's a snob. He thinks he's too good for you. You're better off unfriending him. That will show him. I be he's that way with everyone else too. Oh look at that lady talking to him. I bet she's a snob too.....

Meanwhile, perhaps John saw the oddest thing right behind you when he looked in your direction and he pulled a face at it because he was wondering what it was he was seeing. Then he noticed you disappeared for a while. And then the next time he noticed you you were being cold and uncaring. You kept looking at him with an angry look. He was at a loss as to what he had done that made you so angry at him.

Wow! Look at that. It's all story; everyone reacting to their own story about something that happened. What happened? John saw something that made him pull a funny face, and from there the whole friendship became at risk, all because of the stories we write. CUT-SHUT. Let go of all that garbage. It does not serve you. If you DO things for others with the attitude that they take you for granted, you are creating exactly that. If you DO things for others because you CHOOSE to BE there FOR them and not because you feel you must. The entire equation changes. It's not about you doing for them expecting anything from them. If that is your reasoning for doing for others, you will be disappointed almost every time. If you are doing for others because you enjoy doing for others, you will BEappreciated every time. If not by them, by you.

Following Inspiration
July 13, 2014

Often we get into set routines, and expectations. We also often expect things to manifest in a specific way. Instead of holding onto routine, or expecting it to manifest in one way, if you KEEP your mind OPEN and ACT ON good impulse you may BE surprised to see it come to you in a totally unexpected way.

TAKE what just happened WITH me. I wanted to GO to the grocer to pick up a few food items. ON the way I was inspired to stop by Walgreens before going to the grocer. I did. NOW, let me back up a little bit to an intention I had set yesterday... While at the Farmer's Market yesterday, one of the vendors asked if I wanted to PUT a small box ON her table, with some of the earrings I make, and the price for them. She said if I did that she would collect the money FOR me and KEEP it FOR me whenever I am there. I began then thinking that perhaps I will FIND a PURRFECT box for this sometime this week.

Since I was inspired to stop by Walgreens, I did. I wondered if it was because they often DO have odds and ends like that, so I went in thinking perhaps I will FIND what I want there. As school is about to start here (our school district only takes 6-7 weeks off for summer, and has extended breaks throughout the year), I went UP the school aisle thinking perhaps a box would be there. I didn't see one. I walked over to another aisle where they have office supplies and kitchen stuff. Right at the end of the aisle, I looked down and they had some locking pencil boxes....PURRFECT size. What I saw didn't really have a design I liked, so I pulled those out and back behind on the bottom was a pink one...I pulled it out..and there was a HEART ON top. PURRFECT! Some of the earrings have crocheted hearts. Pink is the color for LOVE, so the box met exactly the things I wanted.

I then went ON to the grocer.

NOW, since there was only one of that particular box there, and it was buried (like it was waiting for me to unbury it), I CHOOSE to believe that it was there waiting for me, and that my inspiration to stop by Walgreens ON my way to the grocer kept it safe FOR me. If I had not followed inspiration and stopped ON the way to the grocer, perhaps it would have been gone when I came searching another day. Who knows? I chose to follow the impulse to stop and voila. NOW I have it!

Not always DO we have an inkling of what we are being guided to, but if we follow the guiding impulse, especially as it comes up while we are working with Switchwords, we will very often BE pleasantly surprised.


July 7, 2014

A concern was raised...

"In the past, I settled for minimum results with lots of work; costs; hopes; lying to myself that real progress was being made. In the past, I asked for lots of change and got minimal very minimal satisfying results usually convincing myself big gains were coming! What switches me into having big gains with real real fulfilling results from the beginning???"

My thoughts...

I am returned to a statement said at the end of the Landmark Forum...after spending 13 hours a day for 3 days, then returning two days later for 3 hours to complete the Forum....

At the end of it're still human, accept it and deal with it.

Often we get impatient with ourselves and others because we feel we do not see things changing as we would like to see them, but we have to remember, we are human, and we hold onto a lot of emotions, views, beliefs, etc., which have often inhibited our ability to experience many of the things we have desired to experience.

So very often I don't feel a change occur when it occurs, but hours, days, weeks, months, or maybe even years later, I look back and realize that, wow, I am so very different now than I was then.

Because money and finances are so deeply rooted in our experiences, because our society is set up such that money seems required for just about everything, money has come to be a symbol of success or lack of success for many. No matter how much other positive there is in our lives, we tend to look at the money (or lack of it) as a measure of our success (or lack of it).

When we separate ourselves from the money, and stop allowing it to define us and who we are, we can start to feel our successes.

When we resent that living costs money, we limit our access to money.
When we resent that we have to pay bills, we limit our access to money.
When we resent that everything costs too much, we limit our access to money.
When we feel we never have enough, we limit our access to money.
When we resent feeling that we cannot buy something that we want, we limit our access to money.

When we get so completely tied up in feeling that we are never getting things our way, we limit our ability to get things our way.

What if we start looking at the world with the attitude that "The Universe loves me!" Watch for signs that this is true. Comment every time you see something go your way.

There's a parking space set up close, just for me...The Universe loves me!
Look, a sale on one of my favorite foods...The Universe loves me!
Did you see that? The light turned green right as I was approaching it...The Universe loves me!

Wow! A my boss gave me a BONUS! The Universe loves me!
That shirt I was admiring the other day, just went on sale for a ridiculously low price! The Universe loves me!

The rain has come. So refreshing to feel it. The Universe loves me!
It's good to be alive...The Universe loves me!
I am so BLESSED to have such beautiful children and grandchildren. The Universe loves me.

It takes 17 seconds for a positive thought to attract another positive thought. And another 17 seconds for those two to attract two more. Then another 17 seconds for those 4 to attract 4 more. And one more 17 seconds for those 16 to attract 16 more. In 68 seconds there come 32 positives...keep it up, and they double every 17 seconds. Expanding, exploding, giving birth to more and more positive energy, which begins to manifest...

But, it also takes 17 seconds for a negative thought to attract another negative thought....and in 68 seconds you could be on the way to attracting, expanding and exploding negative things.

Where do you spend most of your time? Are you looking at lack of what you want? Or are you looking at the blessings that you have?

Life keeps getting better and better, the more you CHOOSE to KEEP things going in a positive perspective.

And likewise, life will spiral getting worse and worse the more you focus on negative thoughts.

Perhaps return to the original thought of utilizing PURGE-CANCEL as described in this article for 30 days:

Your life experience is what you make of it. Every experience can be positive or negative, depending on your interpretation of it. Life is only 10% what happens to you and 90% how you view it. It's all in the story.

If your story says you have had minimal gains, so shall you continue to reap minimal gains.

(Expel negativity, act on good impulse now, deliver the goods, be innovative, write a new story.)


Always Remember One Thing...
July 6, 2014

An AMAZING perspective from Rhoda Randhawa...

Always remember one are the one to attract the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, peaceful, pleasant, ugly, liars, cheats, disgusting, turbulent CUT (sever negative ties) the blame and TAKE-53 (become a good leader, take responsibility) for all that is happening in your life. Until and unless you realize that, nothing is going to CHANGE (dispel emotional and/or physical pain) and no Switchword or healing modality is going to help. Accept all that happens to you without resistance. You are receiving a Mirrored Reflection (of your inner thoughts).

Mirrored Reflection (Defusing Word)
Mirrored Reflection is for defusing harsh judgment and criticism of others, which creates barriers between oneself and others, to avoid seeing self. Mirrored Reflection is for defusing rejection of self and others as they are. By defusing these things Mirrored Reflection reveals the truth of self on all levels, and opens one up to acceptance and love of all aspects of self, both light and dark, as valuable to the whole. This acceptance and love in turn allow one to accept and love those around them, as the world around us is always a reflection of our inner thoughts and feelings.

Solving Problems
July 5, 2014

I recall when my daughter was in high school. When mid-terms came out, she felt totally devastated. She had 4 out of 8 grades which were marked as F. She walked out of the class, tore up the paper, went and got in her car and drove home. Her father saw her sitting in the car in the driveway crying.

She felt she had been doing her best in her classes, and did not deserve this. I called the school, and the counselor, who knew nothing of my daughter, suggested she probably was doing drugs (yeah, right, that's why she was so devastated and came home crying).

Anyway, it turned out that the 4 F's were from two she had for both English and Debate, and the other she had for two math classes (same grade to be given in both classes, as they were really considered one). The English/Debate teacher told her the next day, if she had not just gone and left she would have known that she had not had time to input grades so she just marked everyone with an F (what is that about?).

The math teacher had misread one test with a 78 score as 28, and had marked a 0 on a pop quiz that he never told her about which happened while she was away on debate. He also claimed she had missed turning in some of her work. He said he would not let her make up the quiz, because it was so long ago, and she retorted that he didn't tell her about the quiz, and she had a legitimate absence from that class.

My solution: I bought her a day-planner and sent a letter to ALL her teachers telling them she was going to ask them to initial her day-planner whenever she turned in her work, acknowledging that indeed it was turned in, and to sign off test scores when they were given too.

Results: Her teachers thought I was the meanest, most stern mom (they didn't know it was all about her own request to "fix" the problem), the math teacher acquiesced and let her do the quiz, and that term she wound up with a 4.0.

Though what has happened in the past happened, choosing to accept it as it is and look for solutions to new similar situations will allow you to MOVE ON and GET beyond those blocks (RUSH). Quit looking at the problem. Look at what you want (in my daughter's case she wanted to be treated fairly, so we looked for ways to insure fairness) and take steps to CREATE it (we chose to FIND ways to KEEP the teachers in their integrity with regard to my daughter).

TAKE your eyes OFF the problem and PUT them ON what the problem has shown you that you want.


A Beautiful Birthday Poem
from a Beautiful Friend

June 27, 2014

Thank you, Girija, for such a beautiful tribute. DIVINE-EMBRACE. Kat


In every HEART you BRING a SPARKLE, a glow,
Each day, your well-wishers, grow and grow.
You are a DIVINE tree ,FULL of DELICIOUS fruit,
How WITH LOVE and CARE, you gladly distribute.
Your are a MARVEL,a PERFECT GuidingSTAR,
You REACH US WITH EASE ,near or far.
May the candles ON your cake, simply multiply,
May countless BLESSINGS pour ,from the SKY.
May your Birthday BRING you good health and JOY,
May FOREVER in life, you LAUGH and enjoy!.


LOVE and regards

Girija Sridhar

Because there is always more good than evil in life, one can always be content, no matter how bad things seem. Rene Descartes in 1639.

Makes me think of Chocolate...
Chocolate is about defusing and erasing violent tendencies and creating miracles. Chocolate is about reminding us to look for the miracles in everyday life. Chocolate is about finding a golden nugget, something miraculous in even the worst of situations. Chocolate can be helpful in defusing and removing depression because depression is brought on by focusing on the negative things in life and Chocolate is about finding a golden nugget in every situation.

June 26, 2014

Are Switchwords Manipulative?
June 25, 2014

A concern was raised...Are Switchwords manipulative? Can they cause problems for people along their spiritual path?

My perspective is that Switchwords are like prayers.

Do you consider prayers manipulative?

Is praying for someone's safety is being manipulative?

That is what the Switchword GUARD is - a simple prayer for safety and protection - a one-word prayer.

You put out the energy of your thoughts constantly. When you think negatively about someone, it is like praying for negativity, so I guess thinking about someone in a negative manner is also manipulative and so is wishing them well, because you are trying to control their day, offering them a vibration of feeling good.

So quit interacting with people, it's manipulative!

What if everything in this world is energy and vibrates, and everything you say, think or do adds to and changes that energy?

What if by breathing you are manipulating the world and those around you? Because, after all, you are partaking of things they could have.

A smoker is manipulative. He manipulates the people around him. He forces them to inhale the toxins in the smoke from his cigarette. He is very, very manipulative. He is invasively so.

Switchwords are well wishes, requests to your other than conscious mind to help you bring about an experience you desire, and when you use them proxy for another, or with intent to affect another, you are simply putting out the energy of desire, which you already do 24/7.

The other person does not have to react to what you give in the way of Switchwords. If they are open and wish to align with the thoughts you have put out, they will. If they are closed and do not want anything to do with whatever it is that you have put out there for them, they won't.

Our world is a Mirrored Reflection of our inner thoughts.
June 24, 2014

Broken Love Relationships
June 19, 2014

When one chooses to leave us, the best thing we can do for ourselves and for them is to FORGIVE and RELEASE. In the RELEASE we ALLOW them to CHOOSE for themselves what they want.

NOW if we believe that whatever caused the break is no longer an issue, and we believe they would like to BE WITH US ON some level, and we wish to BE WITH them, then we can use Switchwords to help to CLEAR the air, and OFFER an opening for their return, but we cannot control what they DO.

We do not have to include them in the Switchwords (meaning we don't have to contact them and use Switchwords with them). We can simply work on the Switchwords ourselves, to let go of whatever energy we have held onto which may have brought about the breakup.

Also, be aware that it is not the person that brought about the feeling in was the connection helped you make with a part of you that you otherwise tend to be disconnected from. Instead of focusing on their return, CONSIDER focusing on that feeling, and drawing it to you again, be it from them or elsewhere.

When you look at the past relationship, look at it WITH LOVE. Look at it WITH appreciation FOR the things you felt when you were TOGETHER. If you look at it with regret, more to regret will come to you. Instead of holding onto the resentment and sadness OVER an ending, GIVE THANKS FOR what you had when you were TOGETHER, and look forward to more of the same, either WITH this person, or WITH another who fills the VOID.

It is in the remember of the JOY FULL times that you ALLOW future JOY to come to you. And, it is in holding onto the sorrow and regret that you manifest more that brings sorrow and regret.

If you don't want more of it, don't focus on it.
If you DO want more of it, DO focus on it.


(Defuse disparity in love relationships, bringing back attraction, allowing for repair of the sex/love life, defuse inhibitions and self-deprecation, allowing love, attraction, commitment and passion to grow, restore fairness and honesty, end pettiness, be generous, be polite, kind and courteous, be soothing and caring, create comfort, generate, radiate and experience love and acceptance, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.)


Affirmations vs Afformations vs Switchwords
June 17, 2014

A question was posed: Which one is better and best in these -- Affirmation or Afformation or Switchword?

My thoughts are...CONSIDER...

Affirmations are repeated often, and may be stalled by the conscious mind disagreeing with what is being said. However, Affirmations, once they DO get past the conscious mind, tend to become ingrained, become habits, become beliefs. Habits and beliefs become a part of our lives, so if we work with Affirmations enough, they DO become a part of our experience.

Afformations are questions. The other than conscious mind is very inquisitive and loves to solve mysteries. Quizzing it on how something was accomplished (whether it has been or is to be in the future doesn't matter to the other than conscious's working out how it is done) gives a deeper focus of intention to solve the question. Afformations may be very effective at times because of the inquisitive nature of the human being.

Switchwords Bypass the conscious mind. Often stringing a few Switchwords TOGETHER confounds the conscious mind, allowing the Switchwords to GET their message through to the other than conscious mind. The other than conscious mind has been filing away information on a continuous basis since before we were born, filing experiences and actions TOGETHER, and over time the other than conscious mind begins to expect the same things to happen TOGETHER. (For example:  Whenever we come into contact with money, we tend to COUNT it, and thus COUNT becomes a Switchword for making money.)

So, what we have here are three different ways of working toward our goals. Each has its own unique way of working for us. Perhaps we could benefit by using each technique in its own right. Or we could CHOOSE which of them best suits us for whatever we are intending.

(Increase personal ability to be empowered.)


Land of BE
June 16, 2014

YES! The Land of BE came to me!
We had a sleepover with not just two but three!

The Land of BE is what I call
Anyplace where children BE one, and all.

Sometimes we have two say overnight.
But number three would catch a fright.

This last time though he braved it out.
And in the morning awoke with a shout!

Grandkids are fun to have around.
Their energy knows no bound.

Perhaps they take it from Grandpa and me!
For once the sleepover is done I wonder where is my energy?

Thank goodness for weekends, an extra day or two
Time to get energy anew!

Custom Vs Canned Switchphrases
June 10, 2014

A friend asked: What is better customized Switchphrases for a given situation or ones already presented in the website and /or database? What allows the mind to switch from believing customization is necessary rather than benefiting from ones already in existence which are free?

Kat Thoughts....

What if each has its advantages?

What if reading about other Success Stories mirroring your situation enhances the ability of the same Switchphrase to work for you?

What if finding a unique Switchphrase, either via Consultation with another, reading and compiling your own Switchphrase according to your own intuition, muscle testing or in cooperation with another brings an amazing Switchphrase for you?

I do subscription Personal Switchphrases where I connect to the person's energy and look for phrases to help them throughout the week (without them necessarily giving me input to what situations they have going on) weekly, and sometimes a phrase comes up that feels so AMAZING I share it with others fact that is why the Switchwords Database was born...because I wanted to KEEP some of the Personal Switchphrases coming UP available to others TOO

One such Switchphrase that originally came up as a Personal Switchphrase which I immediately shared is PURGE-CANCEL.

So, to my perspective, both ways of working with Switchphrases can be an absolute boon to US.



Interfering with the Natural Order of Things
June 6, 2014

A concern was raised about using Switchwords to try to control weather, and the natural order of things in our environment.

My thoughts about interfering with the natural order of things....

When we genetically modify organisms, we interfere with the natural order of things.

When we use chemicals on plants, we interfere with the natural order of things.

If we were to be even more strict in our definition of interfering with the natural order of things, when we take plants from one place to another, transplanting them far from their origin, we interfere with the natural order of things.

Even when we plant a garden, because the things did not naturally grow there, we interfere with the natural order of things.

However, we are human, and we are given dominion over all.
We do have the ability to build our own environment as we desire.
We do have appreciation for the beauty of the plants in our world, and the ability to move those into a closer proximity to us, by taking and planting in our garden, where we can cherish them

Where do we draw the line on interference with the natural order of things?

Some would judge that we should just leave all alone.
Some would draw the line at taking a plant from its original region to a new region.
Some would draw the line at adding chemicals.
Some would draw the line at genetically modifying.

Some simply do not draw the line.

Each has a right to their own opinion, and does not have to be wrong because their opinion does not align with yours or mine.

I, personally, see using Switchwords and Numbers to HELP US ALIGN ourselves and our environment WITH what we desire as a great way to work WITH Mother Nature to BRING it about.

What if we already affect the weather, environment, everything in our world, with our thoughts, as the energy of our thoughts is broadcast with each thought we have?

I see the Switchwords and Numbers as a way to PUT out concentrated energy for what we want.

(Increase focus, unify, support harmonizing well with and immersing in delivering the goods.)


Stop Doing What I Don't Want You to Do!
June 4, 2014

CONSIDER changing focus from all the things not wanted in the request. As we express the things we do not want, we increase them.

In other words, as you say you want them to stop....all those things listed have an increased focus, which is going to increase them.

CONSIDER also that what you deem as important may not be deemed as important by another.

CONSIDER that as you ALLOW and EMBRACE others with all their warts and bumps, you HELP to RELEASE their need for the things that you have been reeling against. In other you JUDGE them as wrong in doing something that you would rather they did not, they BEGIN to push harder into that area. When you simply accept them as they are, WITH all the things they DO, they then may BEGIN to RELEASE the need to rebel (which is a lot of what that which is going on with the younger people, whether they recognize it or not), and may then BE OPEN to choosing to TAKE responsibility (53) for study and constructive things.


And, regarding relationsihps...I personally like DIVINE-TOGETHER as a relationship enhancer. It can be used as a prefix for other Switchwords.

I like CONTAIN-----CANCEL-CLEAR-CONCEDE-CONFESS for helping end conflicts.

I like TRICKLE-TINY-SWEET-LOVE-WITH-MAGNANIMITY for bringing sharing (TRICKLE) of caring and kindness (TINY-SWEET), and harmonizing well with generosity (ending pettiness)(MAGNANIMITY).

When we CONSIDER that ego is the part of US that starts the arguments, that wants to (has to) always BEright, and we CHOOSE to Bypass the need to prove our points, we're right (they're wrong), make them see things our way (which they can't and never will), we FIND ourselves in a calmer more loving relationship.

When one feels a need to defend one's perspective on something, it may be wise to take a step back and look more closely, asking this question...Is it more important that I GET my point across here, or that this relationship stay in a positive, loving space? Because if you CHOOSE to make it more important to GET your point across, to prove yourself right (and them wrong), to win the argument (making them lose), to validate yourself (invalidate them), then you are not putting the relationship ahead of your ego. QUIET to quiet the ego. Bypass to bypass an unwanted situation. BE to be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.



June 3, 2014

I was asked about Switchwords to lessen the negative effects of Rahu (north node of the moon in Vedic Astrology).

Some of my thoughts are...

What if whatever you SUFFER is due to your focus?
You CREATE your world by your focus, and the emotional response to all that you see and experience. Planetary positions and Astrological Signs and such may influence the way you see things, but ultimately it is you who creates your life experience.

When you CHOOSE to blame someone or something else for what is going on in your life, you lose all power to CHANGE it.

What if your Karma is simply related to your choices?
You CHOOSE many things consciously and unconsciously, and as you make these choices, the world changes around you.

Yes, you may feel energies of those around you, and that may influence how you respond or react, but ultimately those are only energies offered to you as ways to see the world.

When you CHOOSE to TAKEresponsibility (53) for your life, and where you are, you can BEGIN to CHANGE your future.

Switchword for helping one deal with Rahu effects - RESTORE.

We also have WITH, which is the Switchword for balancing effects of Ketu (south node of the moon).

(Release old pains, be empowered, handle success and prosperity, transform thought into action, dispel pain, become a good leader, take responsibility, pay primary concern, bring into existence restoring fairness and honesty, harmonize well with and immerse in acting on good impulse in the now.)


A Few Thoughts about the Switchword SUFFER
June 3, 2014

SUFFER – handle success; handle prosperity

This is a Switchword James T. Mangan gave us in his book, The Secret of Perfect Living.

Nirav left SUFFER out of his book. Perhaps because he did not understand the concept of it.

When we REACH for something we want, and yet we fear or refuse to accept the whole of it, both the positive side and what we perceive as the negative side, we FIND ourselves without it. Why? Because we refused to SUFFER the consequences of our success in achieving what we want.

Can one be a doctor without suffering through all the things required to BE a doctor? A doctor learns a lot about the body, how it functions, etc, through years of suffering through education. Then, once the goal of being a doctor is attained, then they find themselves having to SUFFER people coming to them in the most miserable states, anger and impatience come along for a ride, as people who are in misery hate waiting, and that is something they seem always to do at the doctor's. They also have to SUFFER midnight calls to the hospital when they are on call, leaving a warm bed because someone else needs them. There is a lot that a doctor will SUFFER to BE a doctor, much unknown to even their spouse and family.

When one is in abundance, the tax man comes, others tend to come around looking for some way to get a piece of the pie, and one must also take responsibility (53) for whatever comes along WITH the abundance.

When one asks for something, and is not willing to SUFFER the consequences of having it, one doesn't tend to get it. Thus, SUFFER is a brilliant Switchword, brought to us by James T. Mangan.

(Eliminate remorse, stop regretting, release guilt, bury grudges, stop clinging to them, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.)
June 1, 2014

This came up during a conversation today. It is for forgiving the past to allow the future to change in the now.

June Theme: Simplify
June 1, 2014

Having concentrated on Patience and Responsibility the last two months, it is time to Simplify.  When tasks seem daunting, when life seems to be overwhelming, it is time to step back, take a look at what is being done, what needs to be done, and look for ways to Simplify the complexities.


A Poem by Girija Sridhar

Sizzling June urges - Simplify! Simplify!
You have one life, BRING in JOY!
Complications ALLOW blurred vision, a SENSE of fear,
When you Simplify, everything is CRYSTAL CLEAR.
Simplifying is often within your REACH,
Many a life's lesson it will teach.
EMBRACE simplicity, like a trusted friend,
Then pettiness dissolves, humility becomes the trend.
As you Simplify, WATCH the CHANGE to CALM and PEACE,
From confusion and complexity, you FIND RELEASE.
A stage is reached, when time you cannot afford,
So CANCEL thoughts, and things you dearly HOLD
Simplify WITH SPEED! Avoid getting trapped in a maze,
Time and tide waits for none, so the wise one says!


SKY (open closed viewpoints)
INNOCENCE (gain external enhancement)
MIRACLE (transcend beyond expectations)
PEACE (cease hostilities and reclaim stability)
LOVE (generate, radiate and experience love and acceptance)
INTEND (create a plan)
FLOW (release need to maintain a routine)
YES! (stop hesitating and just do it)

(Calm down, simplify the task at hand, nourish ambition. )

(Free the mind, simplify complexities, transform thought into action, and increase efficiency.)

Throughout the month, anytime between 9 am and 10 am in the morning and 9 pm and 10 pm in the evening (your own local time) we shall TOGETHER chant a Switchword or Defusing Word picked for the day. You are most welcome to join in. Where ever you may be, just chant between that given hour. You don't have to chant it for the whole hour. You can say it once, repeat it 28 times, for 5 minutes, or do it however you desire.  (It is also okay to chant at other times throughout the day.)

Daily Words are courtesy Rhoda Randhawa

June 2014

(Click on Switchword/Defusing Word for definition.)

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat





























































Flower: Wild Rose
Flower Energy Blend:  Simplify
Chant/Mantra/Meditation/Prayer: May the Raindrops
Gemstone/Crystal:  Pearl
Animal Wisdom:
Angel Number:  444 (Pay attention to your intuition and inner-wisdom. Listen to your intuition and follow its guidance.)

June Simplify Energy Circle

Energy Circle Components/Contents Description

Color/Component Attributes: FLOWER Energy Circles add the energy for flourishing, thriving, opening up to the world and sharing your Inner Beauty to the focused broadcast of the Energy Circles.

Dark Indigo intensifies and adds permanency to self-responsibility, trusting intuition nd getting beyond ego. Dark Green intensifies and adds permanency to balance, growth, calming, practicality and adaptability.

6: The number 6 relates to visual system of information; beauty; love; marriage; harmony; responsibility; service; comfort; healing. Optical system of the Information, you will see it when you believe it.

(Gain perspective on difficult tasks, simplify complexities.)

Deerbrush is a Flower Energy

Positive Qualities:
Gentle purity, clarity of purpose; sincerity of motive.

Patterns of Imbalance:
Mixed or conflicting motives; subconscious feelings which propel outer actions. (NA)

June 1, 2014

71042 - Harmonize with the present

Unhappy with where your life is right now? 71042
Feeling out of sorts right now? 71042

When you are not accepting and feeling good in the now, you are creating more of that for the future. This code is about harmonization with the present, accepting and residing within all that is (ABIDE).

Numbers are just another way of working with the mind, body and soul.

I talked about that as well on yesterday's Talkcast:

Click here to learn more about Healing Numbers and Frequencies.

A Few Prefix/Suffix Switchwords
May 26, 2014

A few Switchwords seems to specifically represent common things we are asking I thought I'd compile a list, which may grow in the the future as more come up. Use them as you CHOOSE:

What if....BEGIN
Put into the past .... CHOOSE
Write a new story... MUSE
Love relationship - Venus
Bring the feel of something to you SENSE-Connect
Pretend like you have it already to bring it to you BEGIN-ACT
Stop looking at past and be in the now CHOOSE-NOW

CONSIDER releasing possession of anything (especially diseases)
that you do not wish to perpetuate into the future.

"I am...I have...and my" are powerful possessive terms.
CONSIDER reserving these terms for things you want in your future.
May 19, 2014

May 16, 2014

When we accept others exactly as they are, without judgment, we OPEN possibilities FOR CHANGE in them. We don't look for CHANGE. We BE CHANGE. Then they TOO can BE CHANGE.

(Release, tolerate, understand, dispel inhibitions and breathe easier, promote dispelling pain, be in peace, maintain wellness, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy, dispel the pain, go to the extreme, be included.)


Energy Circle Creator (ECC)
Version NOW Available!

Click here to buy ECC
ECC owners, click here for your (free) upgrade

Create Energy Circles, quickly and easily, including component choices of Colored, Concentric, Flooded, Flower, Heart, Radionic Amplifier and Astrological Energy Circles, with Pointed or Amoeba Rays. Insert Requesters (those wanting the Energy Circle broadcast), Subject (Switchwords, Defusing Words, Numbers, Homeopathic Remedies, etc.) and Focuses (additional people/objects/situations for the broadcast) and print/display the Energy Circles in minutes.

Energy Circle Creator Version Additions/Updates

Background Color has been added.
Background Color will also Flood an Energy Circle and Rays if these Components do not otherwise have Flood turned on.

New Size utility for adjusting Energy Circle size
This allows one to create a larger space for text outside the Energy Circle.

Energy Circle/Text Box size is handled and maintained more gracefully when Redrawing current Energy Circle.
Redraw and Energy Circle type buttons keep selected sizes intact, rather than resetting to default. However, resizing the Energy Circle will reset the Text Box to default size (adjusting for new size of Energy Circle).

Energy Circles created with older versions of Energy Circle Creator are now handled more gracefully and easily.

A previous issue with Forgiveness/Gratitude Energy Circles switching when clicking on Text Box has been fixed.

Learn more about Energy Circle Creator at:

Click here for a demonstration of Energy Circle Creator in action.

Click here for a preview of version

It is the Journey that You CHOOSE to TRUST
May 5, 2014

Question Posed: What if someone troubled you in the past and now you have to deal with the same person, even when you don't want to? Please provide Switchwords for me to deal with people who are in my mind in an evil category.

Kat Thoughts: CONSIDER that as you HOLD in your mind what they were like to you in the past, you LIMIT their ability to grow into a NEW space in the NOW and the future. You broadcast to them your expectations, and they read that energy, whether they realize it or not, and tend to react to it in the manner you have painted for them.

In accepting them exactly as they are, and exactly as they are not, you OPEN NEW possibilities for yourself and for them.

It is the journey that you CHOOSE to TRUST.

(Fix it, release old pains and be empowered, build character, dispel inhibitions and breathe easier, form innovation, align energies and balance chakras.)


Promise to Children
by William Moonshadow
May 3, 2014

Justice will be won when each child healthy emerges from the womb
Wants not for our HEARTS, LOVE in PEACE is brought to bloom.

This poem was written by a friend at the Farmer's Market this morning, in response to Cammarie, my granddaughter, giving him a HEART and her poem, Make a Friend.

May Theme: Responsibility
May 1, 2014

The  last two months we have worked with Nurture and Patience.  NOW  we are set to BEGIN to TAKE Responsibility. In Responsibility we recognize and acknowledge that where we are in our lives is a direct result of decisions we have made up to this point. When we CHOOSE to let go of blame, of ourselves and others, for things that have affected us in our lives, we BEGIN to reclaim our creative power, giving us the ability to build a life of our choosing.

A Poem by Girija Sridhar

May says - fulfill promises, TAKE responsibility,
FOR every action, GIVE accountability.
WITH responsibility comes decision-making power,
Ends needless discord, creeping in every other hour.
Being loyal, being fair becomes a part of you,
You GUIDE by example, have an OPEN view.
How the other is affected, you understand and realize,
To outcomes and repercussions, you become wise.
Responsibility lays the foundation to receiving and accepting clarity,
And in you one FINDs, complete trust and honesty.
You possess the ability to look ahead, to think,
WITH Wisdom you look back, WITH conviction, you form a link.
Responsibility teaches you the value of cause and effect,
And this in your character, you amply project.

(Support being safe, taking responsibility, open closed viewpoints, let go of limitations, look to the future, clarify things and expand beyond perceived limitations.)

(Fulfill promises, look within the details, gain advantage, receive and accept clarity, look to the future with positive expectations, meeting of the minds to mutual benefit with equitable combing and distribution of resources, time and expertise.)

Throughout the month, anytime between 9 am and 10 am in the morning and 9 pm and 10 pm in the evening (your own local time) we shall TOGETHER chant a Switchword or Defusing Word picked for the day. You are most welcome to join in. Where ever you may be, just chant between that given hour. You don't have to chant it for the whole hour. You can say it once, repeat it 28 times, for 5 minutes, or do it however you desire.  (It is also okay to chant at other times throughout the day.)

Daily Words are courtesy Rhoda Randhawa

May 2014

(Click on Switchword/Defusing Word for definition.)

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat


























Green Maple Leaf




































Coconut Tree

Flower: Lily of the Valley
Flower Energy Blend:  Power and Confidence
Prayer: Prayer of Mary Magdalene (The Golden Rose of Love)
Meditation/Tapping Routine: The Choice is Mine
Gemstone/Crystal:  Emerald
Animal Wisdom:   Mongoose
942,161,942 (Control of events)
1,001,105,010 (Peace)

May Responsibility Energy Circle

Energy Circle Components/Contents Description

Color/Component Attributes: Pink Flood and Flooded Pink Amoeba Rays give concentrated attention to awakening compassion, love, and purity, and comforting emotional energies. Brown is for calming, grounding emotions, to help stability, conservation, practicality, common sense and discrimination. Orange is warm, cheering, non-constricting, freeing upon the body and mind, relieves repressions, shows new possibilities and other options, stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm, helps assimilate new ideas.

(Become a good leader, take responsibility.)

(Control of events)

(Radiate warmth and light, allow yourself to know the way, see new perspectives, give and receive complete acceptance, create balance, handle uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions, and harmonize well with generating, radiating and experiencing love and acceptance.)
(Switchphrase for enhancing the Flower Energy Rose Quartz)

Roses is about defusing fear, apathy, resignation, apartness and imbalances with love, caring and beauty. Roses grow together as many and most often are given in bunches. Roses inspires courage, inner peace and tranquility. Roses helps reconnect with Source. Roses is about love energy.

320 MHz
(Vibration of pure Rose essential oil)

Happy Birthday Blue Iris !!!
by Uma Srikar
April 24, 2014

Another beautiful tribute to our Home, Blue Iris Learning Center from our Facebook Friend Uma Srikar

Happy Birthday Blue Iris!!!

B LESSED are we that we could FIND Blue Iris Learning Center,
L OVE, that it spreads, is so much DIVINE and MUSIC to our ears,
U P, goes our being with our every single encounter,
E ASE, is what it BRINGs to our lives WITH PEACE and wellness.
I NDEED, it's a boon to be here, with fellow Switchword-ers,
R EJOICE and let's 'Merry-Go-Round' on this very day TOGETHER,
I NTEND ! As it has spread LOVE, LIGHT and JOY for 4 consecutive years,
S HANTI !! and SATYA !! - THANKS Blue Iris for we KEEP moving towards it with your DIVINE intervention.

THANKS Kat Miller and Rhoda Randhawa, our very sWEET Switchword Angels for making our journey easy and SIMPLE. DIVINE THANKS.

Blue Iris - The Golden Umbrella
by Girija Sridhar
April 24, 2014

Today we celebrate Blue Iris Learning Center's fourth birthday!

Kat's sincere efforts and hard work gave birth to 'Blue Iris', 4 years ago. ON this auspicious occasion, I present a poem.

Blue Iris - The Golden Umbrella

CONGRATULATIONS Blue Iris, ON your fourth birthday,
BE WITH US FOREVER, we sincerely pray!
You CLIMB from strength to strength each passing year,
Your branches REACH US WITH EASE, far or near.
From your Switchwords, we LEARN to think and cope,
Through Animal Wisdom you GIVE US, comfort and hope.
Your every thought, has a profound message,
Gives US immense CALM, to ACT WITH courage.
Your Umbrella is a shield from storm and rain,
Your EMBRACE holds US, to DISTILL pain.
Every day you BRING a new FLOWER, a new fruit,
So FULL of LOVE and CARE, in every ROOT!
We celebrate your birthday, you are PERFECT, dear!

Girija Sridhar

Blue Iris Learning Center BOGO Birthday Sale!
April 23, 2014

Tomorrow we celebrate Blue Iris Learning Center's fourth birthday!

In celebration of this momentous occasion, this week we are offering something we have never done before...a BOGO SALE!

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE from our Products Page
(Your selections will be doubled and then given a 50% discount)

This evening I reflect back on the last four years...

It had been building for a couple of months... One friend suggested that I could build a "Switchwords Institute" and another, whom I had talked about creating a monthly newsletter said that I was TOO DYNAMIC for just once a month access.

I brought the idea of the Switchwords Institute to another friend. (That would be Rhoda.) She didn't care for that name. So that afternoon we chatted, looking for a suitable name. SUDDENLY it was there...Blue Iris...the Defusing Word fully encompassed the vision of what we wanted:

Blue Iris is about defusing and clearing communication channels with Source. Blue is the color of communication. Iris is for connection with higher realms. Blue Iris therefore is about clearing and opening lines of communication to Source and Spiritual communication.


Blue Iris Learning Center, the name, was established. I found that was available as a domain name. NOW to BRING it into existence (CREATE).

The date was April 24, 2010. I was chatting with a friend, Kevin Dill. We were discussing setting up a website. I told him we had the name. He then said all I needed was a domain name. I told him I knew what name I wanted, and that it was available. No more than 5 minutes later, he asked me to type in and look. There it was...Coming Soon....Blue Iris Learning Center

Kevin had registered the domain for me, and it was ready for me to CREATE. Kevin basically took me by the hand and led me down the blank corridors of Blue Iris Learning Center, and gave me tools to HELP me BEGIN building my dream. Thank you Kevin, for being the AMAZING friend that you are.

Four years later, we have around 900 articles at Blue Iris Learning Center, we have created several Facebook groups to help support Blue Iris Learning Center, and each day TOGETHER we grow and LEARN.

We have created  the Switchwords Database as a repository and a reference for Switchword phrases, including definitions of Switchphrases, applications and many success stories.  As of this moment we have 6844 entries in the Switchwords Database, 625 entries with success stories (many entries have multiple success stories), Switchwords poems and songs, and an even 600 entries with Energy Circle recommendations.  The Switchwords Database access is available on subscription, or comes free with a six-month or longer subscription to Blue Iris Learning Center.

We also have a Healing Numbers and Frequencies Database, an ever-growing collection including Rife Frequencies, Angel Numbers, Divine Numbers and other Healing Numbers from multiple sources, well over 10,000 entries, easily searchable.  Access to the Healing Numbers and Frequencies Database comes with the Switchwords Database, or free with six months of Blue Iris Learning Center.

Blue Iris Learning Center has become a rich resource for learning about Switchwords, Defusing Words, Energy Circles, Energy Vials, Animal Wisdom, Flower Energies, and much much more.

Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to support you.



Make a Friend
April 22, 2014

She has a plan.
She wrote a poem.
She's not quite 8.

Cammarie, my granddaughter told me yesterday morning when we were at the school she wishes to give each person at her school a crocheted HEART (681 students at the school!).

I asked her if she wanted to write a poem to accompany the hearts. She sat down and wrote the poem.

TOGETHER we created her presentation of her poem to accompany the hearts. Everyone at school will get a HEART and a poem.

Why Take Possession of Qualities You Don't Want?
April 22, 2014

Why take possession of qualities you don't want? (I am a very defensive typical defensive tendency...I have lacking...)

When you take possession of something you tend to HOLD onto it. Quit claiming things you don't want, if you don't want them in your future.

"I'd have to do something drastic, like stop caring about what other people think. That sounds great, but it's an awfully tall order for most of us, and not a realistic option for me."

Our "buts" sure can cause a lot of trouble.

CONSIDER you are asking....I want to CHANGE my life, but please don't make me CHANGE my life in order to CHANGE my life. Just CHANGE my life without my participation, okay?

When you realize that first, what other people think of you is none of your business, and second that you can't possibly know what anyone else thinks of you, you BEGIN to RELEASE a lot of stresses. This begins to ALLOW you to ACT from a place of what you want, not what you think someone else wants.

Letting go of worry about what others think of you is INDEED KEY to moving forward along the path you ask to follow in your life. And as long as you see it as difficult or impossible, you CREATE that it is difficult or impossible. When you decide you are going to DO it anyway, you BEGIN to discover how it can BE DONE WITH EASE.

It's not about them. It never was. It's always about you.

Want an easier life? CHOOSE it. Quit saying you can't, because each time you say that, you perpetuate it into the future.

(Fix this, dispel pain, release old pains, be empowered, stop trying to control, bring into existence, make available, transform thought into action, with emphatic agreement, gain acceptance and authoritative access to being in peace, maintaining wellness, being unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy, complete this, harmonize well with simplifying these tasks.)


A Conversation with Kat
April 21, 2014

Friend: Dear Kat, I need your help. A close friend of mine fought with me last week and had the most unpleasant things to say. I'm deeply hurt but don't hold anything against them since I really like them. I want them to realize their mistake and meet me soon so I can explain how wrong they have been about me. I absolutely hate relationships going bad and truly believe in forever friendships.

Please help me with Switchwords that will bring back the love and friendship between us. Thanks so much for your help, patience and guidance. Love and gratitude.

Kat: Nobody can hurt you unless you CHOOSE to be hurt.

CONSIDER it is how you took what was said, and how you responded to what was said that have caused how you feel.

CONSIDER most often a fight such as this starts by one person expressing something, and the other taking it as an affront to them, then reacting by fighting back. This then escalates.

If you are deeply hurt you are are holding things against them.

So instead of explaining to them that what they did was a mistake, CONSIDER simply forgiving and letting it go. There is no reason for them to have to understand. Nobody can truly understand your perspective, and confronting them with why they are wrong will tend to CONTINUE the feud. If you do not wish to have it CONTINUE, then it is time to stop judging them as wrong.

Being right about something and making someone else wrong will always cause pain and put a wedge in a relationship.

Is it more important that they be shown how they were wrong?
Or that they be your friend?

Friend: Thanks so much for explaining. I understand. I CHOOSE for them to be my friend. That's my only focus.

Kat: Okay.  NOW that we have that settled:

(Release old pains, be empowered, increase personal ability to master this relationship between you, end pettiness, be generous, be kind and courteous, be soothing and caring, eliminate remorse, desire for revenge, bury grudges, restore fairness and honesty, give and receive complete acceptance, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.)

Friend: Chanting 28 times is sufficient?

Kat: That is fine.

Friend: Dear Kat, you are a mind reader. You knew exactly what I needed to CHOOSE. Thanks so so much.

Kat: You are welcome. I am happy to have clarified it for you.

Do you mind if I take this conversation (without names and maybe some shifts for generalization) to Kat Thoughts?

Friend: I am most grateful for your help. I hope to hear from them soon.

You are most welcome to share on Kat Thoughts. It will help others just like it helped me. Thank you, thank you.

Why Erase Mistakes?
April 20, 2014

Why erase mistakes? By making them you have grown and learned.  Mistakes help us in our becoming who we are.

Why not TRANSFORM our perception of past actions? Perhaps we could reframe them and call them learning experiences. We learn from our past life experiences. We GLEAN NEW information each time we CHOOSE something that later we discover we would like to CHOOSE something different.

What if it was not a mistake, but rather a QUEST FOR NEW experiences?

LIGHT turns darkness into LIGHT.

ELATE turns bad luck into opportunity.

Why would I claim my energy to be negative?

MUSE-TRANSFORM-GLEAN-NEW-CHOOSE-QUEST-FOR-LIGHT-ELATE-WITH-GOLD-Hu-MUSIC-BE. (Excel in creative expression, improve and advance, learn intricacies, form innovation, release old pains and be empowered, make new discoveries, promote inspiration, lighten the load, turn setbacks into uplifts, harmonize well with enduring rewards, shining under pressure, being incorruptible, see your life from a higher viewpoint, feel the world with love, and fill the world with love, be in peace, maintain wellness, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.)

A Switchwords way of saying, "Transform negative energy into Spiritual Gold, by transforming all that is within you to higher, more harmonic and peaceful."


Targeted Tapping
April 18, 2014

I was asked for my thoughts regarding Targeted Tapping...

"Targeted Tapping is utilizing EFT with the correct intention.

Example: Tapping for a tooth ache.

Tapping to eliminate the pain may not be as effected as to focus the intention towards what is causing the pain; i.e., the "infection" and using words or phrases such as:
This infection is going away
Focusing all healing cells to concentrate on the infected area
Clearing the infection
The remaining infection is going away

Kat Thoughts...

You can tap on the end you are works to get to the root that is causing it.

You can tap on whatever you feel is at the root...this actually may come up while tapping for what you are feeling.

You can tap on what it is that you want to have be...I am healthy..I am well...

I see it as just another possibility of a way to tap into EFT.
It may work better for some.

I do not believe there is a 'correct intention' for tapping with EFT. EFT is about ELATE. It is about putting focus on something that you wish to clear and tapping it away. As it is tapped away, it helps open up new possibilities in the VOID left by the clearing.

(Turn setbacks into uplifts, cancel negative flows, adapt, get new ideas, nourish ambition.)


Thoughts on the Switchword BE
April 14, 2014

James Mangan defined BE: maintain good health; banish lonesomeness

Shunyam Nirav defined BE: for good health and/or peace; to be unaffected by ridicule; to be a good performer of any kind

Looking at the definitions I have for BE: be at peace and maintain wellness; have good form; dispel loneliness; skill in sports; to be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy

I remember, a couple of years ago, while visiting Salt Lake I got TOGETHER with my dear friend Dawnalee, who suggested that rather than just "negative energy" that perhaps we could add "or contrary," as what feels negative to one may not feel so to another, so that is when BE was updated with the current definitions.



April 13, 2014

Whatever you PUT out there always comes back to you.
BE it thought, word or deed.
It may return from another source.
It may return from whence you sent it.

It often multiplies and grows while it is out there, two-fold, ten-fold, a thousand-fold or more before it returns.

The thoughts tend to BE the most powerful. FOR as you begrudgingly DO something you feel you must FOR another, so shall others begrudgingly DO FOR you.

Tasks DONE WITH an OPEN HEART, simply FOR the JOY of doing, either FOR yourself or FOR others, will multiply the JOY and BRING it back to you in other ways.

When you feel you have to DO it.
When you feel you have no choice in the matter.
That is the best time to CHOOSE it.
FOR in the choosing of it, you become empowered, and you will FIND it moving much more swiftly, easily, and perfectly toward completion.

DO you wish others to complete tasks and service to you WITH JOY?
Then complete tasks FOR others and service to others WITH JOY.

Why not make your life JOY multiplied?
Wallow in JOY.

(Be empowered, create completion, harmonize well with giving and receiving joy, increase bliss.)


LOA, Switchwords, EFT, etc. Talkcast
EEPISODE282 - Healing Energy Vibrations Part 2

April 12, 2014

Time: 04/12/2014 09:30 AM EDT
Direct link to audio:
Length: 58 minutes

Episode Notes: Kat continues discussing techniques in the Healing Energy Vibrations vial, including Ho'oponopono Essence and begins discussing the 101 Facets of Ahuramazda. The first 50 Facets were discussed, including their meanings, how to access them through the HEV vial, and applications. More available at

Kat also is asked for and coins a Switchphrase to get help with a large project. Kat explains the Switchwords chosen and why.

Next time Kat will continue the focus on Healing Energy Vibrations, and discuss the remaining 51 Facets of Ahuramazda.

LOA, Switchwords, EFT, etc. Talkcast
EPISODE281 - Healing Energy Vibrations - TEST1 Energy Vial

April 5, 2014

Time: 04/05/2014 09:30 AM EDT
Direct link to audio:
Length: 38 minutes

Episode Notes: Kat discussses the Healing Energy Vibrations vial and specifically details information about the origins of it and the TEST1 Energy Vial technique inside it, giving a history and explaining about some of the terms and techniques involved in the TEST1 Energy Vial technique, including Balancing Chakras, Central Nervous System, Energy Meridians, Body Consciousness, Universal Diamond, Sisters of Consciousness, Universal Triad, Universal Sphere, Bodies Affiliated, Chaos Theory, and Orgonite-Pulsars Energy Transmutation to create positive where once there was negative and addresses Inter-Related Possibilities.

Learn more about HEV at

Next time we will talk more in-depth about other parts of the Healing Energy Vibrations vial.

Universal Triad
April 4, 2014

I was asked about the Universal Triad, which is part of the TEST1 Energy Vial, a technique in the Healing Energy Vibrations vial.

Universal Triad means any group of 3 items when put together creates an energetic weakness.

Part of what TEST1 does is create balance in areas where there are imbalances, and a Universal Triad is a space where there are three things interacting, which are causing weakness.

For example, you may have harmony between Item A and Item B. You may have harmony between Item B and Item C. And you may have harmony between Item C and Item A. However, when all three get together there may be imbalance and chaos.

John may be fine with Mary.
Mary may be fine with John.
John may communicate well.
Mary may communicate well.
However, when John and Mary get together, they may have difficulty with communication.

There is the Universal Triad...John, Mary and Communication. Weakness when the three come together.

It can be any three things coming together and causing imbalance in the relationship.

TEST1 runs techniques to Achieve Balance, verifies the Balance by running through the TEST1 techniques one more time after it finds Balance, and returns to the top one more time (2 loops plus 1) to confirm.

What I mean by this Universal Triad there are 15 possible combinations:

1. John
2. Mary
3. John+Mary
4. Mary+John
5. Communication
6. Communication+John
7. Communiation+ Mary
8. John+Communication
9. Mary+Communication
10. John+Mary+Communication
11. Mary+John+Communication
12. Communication+John+Mary
13. Communication+Mary+John
14. John+Communication+Mary
15. Mary+Communication+John

So, TEST1 will address this Universal Triad list checking for Balance in each of the 15 possible combinations. If any imbalances are found, they are corrected as found. However, balancing one segment may cause another to go out of balance (such as giving one sibling a cracker may quiet that one down, but cause another sibling to start to cry that they want one too, so you give that one a cracker too).

So say, #5 was out of balance and #13 was out of balance on the first pass. The TEST1 technique balances them, then returns to the top of the list to verify everything is in balance. On running through the list again, perhaps on the two above being balanced #9 was kicked out of balance, so this pass #9 is balanced. Once again TEST1 will go through the whole list looking for all to be balanced. Once all registers as balanced, a second pass is done to confirm (perhaps the body was taking a little time to settle and register a new imbalance, a second pass allows TEST1 to catch that, should it happen). The +1 creates a loop, connecting the bottom of the list with the top of the list. We want a balanced loop in the Universal Triad. Running 1-15 is simply a list, connecting #15 with #1 creates a loop. This helps deal with Interrelated Possibilities.

Regarding people around us passing on...
April 3, 2014

We are BLESSED to have people in our lives.
We GIVE appreciation and LOVE while they are here, knowing in the blink of an eye things may CHANGE.
CHOOSE LOVE EMBRACE while we have them and REFLECT ON the LOVE and JOY we shared when they pass ON.

(Keep going with releasing old pains, being empowered, generating, radiating and experiencing love and acceptance, give and receive complete acceptance.)


Kat Talks EPISODE 245 - You're Going to Do It and Like It!
March 25, 2014

Time: 03/25/2014 12:00 PM EST
Direct link to audio:

Episode Notes: Kat talks with Gary Gilman, the Switchwords Inquisitor, about ways to use Switchwords to help one stop forcing themselves to do things they don't want, and to allow themselves to do things they want.

Kat and Gary discuss changing the belief that the harder you work, the more you invest, the more you get back, as that is not always the experience one has.

TOGETHER Kat and Gary work to CREATE a Master Switchphrase for all things (and discuss why we'll be back next time, looking for more Switchphrases). Kat and Gary discuss a Switchphrase for allowing a maturing love relationship to continue to be new as it evolves.

Kat Talks EPISODE 243:  Unsolicited Advice
March 19, 2014

Time: 03/19/2014 1:00 PM EST
Direct link to audio:

Episode Notes: Kat talks with Kevin Dill, a Life Coach, about dealing with tendencies one may have toward giving advice, especially as parents to their adult children. Kat discusses the parent's shifting role as children approach adulthood, and allowing them to make their own decision, letting go of need to guide them.

Discussion of how our belief system can help or hinder manifestation of our desires, and how sharing our desires with others expands and adds details to what we are creating.

Kat Talks EPISODE 242:  The Mind is a Wonderful Thing to Use
March 18, 2014

Kat Talks Episode 242 -The Mind is a Wonderful Thing to Use

Time: 03/18/2014 12:00 PM EST
Direct link to audio:

Episode Notes: Kat talks with Gary Gilman, the Switchwords Inquisitor about switching out "the mind is a terrible thing to waste." Kat coins GENIUS-SUBLIME-PUT-CREATE as a Switchphrase encompassing "the mind is a wonderful thing to use."

Kat discusses NAMASTE (to give respect from the heart) as the Switchword for giving good will.

Gary asks about how to change your response to others, and Kat discusses and creates a Switchphrase for getting out of the same old routine, and how we create the experiences we have by our focus. Kat coins a Switchphrase for bypassing these situations and the need to participate.

Kat and Gary discuss switching out of cliches and erasing writing on your wall, rewriting stories from the past, and creating new experiences.

Kat discusses with Gary using ELATE to help rewrite stories that have been creating negative perspectives for you, to ALLOW forgiveness to come in.

Gary asks about attracting positive every step of the way in life. Kat discusses Switchwords to start the day off on the track you wish to CREATE the day, and using GIGGLE-GIGGLE-CHUCKLE-LAUGH to help switch focus to enjoyment and feeling good when in a negative space.

When you stop saying "but" and putting in all the reasons why it won't be the experience you want, and start putting focus on what you want, you BEGIN creating more of what you want.

Kat Talks EPISODE 241
March 11, 2014

Kat Talks Episode 241 -What is the Game Changer, Record Changer?

Time: 03/11/2014 01:30 PM EST
Direct link to audio:

Episode Notes: Kat talks with Gary Gilman about what it takes to change our stories about the past and how we CREATE our reality, turning our thoughts into action.

Kat discusses Switchwords CONTAIN--, CREATE, GO, BEGIN, SENSE, BLESSED.

Kat coins ALLOW-FLOW-BE, CARE-REACH-JUDGE-GENIUS, and increasing self-worth with CRYSTAL-HORSE, and additional Switchphrases along the theme of changing, allowing, recognizing changes, etc.

Kat Talks EPISODE 240
March 5, 2014

Kat Talks Episode 240 - I Feel What I Feel, I Can't Change That!

Time: 03/05/2014 01:30 PM EST
Direct link to audio:

Kat talks with Kevin Dill about how our focuses CREATE our feelings, and how changing our focus will CHANGE our feelings.

Kat and Kevin discuss how ego, even though it is important to our success in life experiences, often gets involved in our experiences, giving us negative perspectives, which perpetuate themselves, and ways we can PIVOT to see NEW perspectives.

Kat, in trying to say GIGGLE-GIGGLE-CHUCKLE winds up putting the GIGGLE in the middle of CHUCKLE creating CHICKLE, and Kat and Kevin CHICKLE a bit. Use the Defusing Word Chocolate to help you focus on golden nuggets in even the worst of situations. Use GIGGLE-GIGGLE-CHUCKLE-LAUGH to enjoy whatever it is you are doing.

A totally fun Talkcast!

Kat Talks EPISODE 239
March 5, 2014

Kat Talks EPISODE 239 - Introducing Gary Gilman, the Switchwords Inquisitor

Time: 03/04/2014 12:00 PM EST
Direct link to audio:

Episode Notes: Kat's first Talkcast with Gary Gilman, "The Switchwords Inquisitor" as he has many questions. Gary asks about how to choose better, process better, and process emotions. Gary asks for solutions.

A few Switchphrases coined during this Talkcast:

(Focus on smaller details, maintain focus and peaceful awareness wherever you are and whatever you are doing, maintain equilibrium and balance, recognize and distinguish relevant energy vibrations, present yourself well, balance.)

CHOOSE-Chocolate-Mirrored Reflection.
(Release old pains, a golden nugget in every situation, open up to acceptance and love of all aspects of self.)

(Bring immediate shift, recognize and distinguish relevant energy, complete alignment with becoming a success and feeling satisfied.

(End jealous, bury grudges, restore fairness and honesty.)

(Be attractive, stop being jealous, stop being critical and fault finding, be beautiful, expand beyond perceived limitations, dispel inferiority complex and be in high spirits.)

CONSIDER Letting GO...
March 2, 2014

CONSIDER letting GO that things are not happening. PUT what you don't want into the past. BEGIN noticing all the beauty in your life and INTEND that you FIND your PASSION and fortune WITH EASE as you MOVE forward in your life.

(Dispel fear and nervousness, merge with information beyond human comprehension, become a good orator, increase personal ability to show brilliance, be a guiding light, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.)


March Theme:  Nurture
March 2, 2014

We started the year with January Love, which prepared us for creating February Harmony. Now, through March, as we hold onto Love and Harmony, we enter a space where we can begin to Nurture ourselves and those around us.

March BEAMs
A Poem by Girija Sridhar

March BEAMs, saying "It is time to nurture."
WITH each passing day, BRINGs HOPE FOR the future.
Nurturing is a process of caring and loving,
BE it a bird, animal or human being.
After CAREful scrutiny, the Sparrow CHOOSEs the best,
A dense leafy tree, to build its nest.
Nervous little cries are soon heard,
NEW found life has stirred!
The Sparrow flies to and fro, FOR their feed,
WITH LOVE and CARE, satisfies their need.
Through her nurturing, they soon FIND their flight,
To fend FOR themselves, hunt FOR a bite.
Courage and confidence she has instilled,
A mother's duty, she has fulfilled.
Nurturing lays the foundation to grow,
And confirms the saying,'You reap what you sow!"


(Give respect, remember to be in peace and wellness, unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy, harmonize well with being secure, reconnecting with Source, and generating, radiating and experiencing love and acceptance.)

(Develop and grow, gather serenity and strength, create supportive impact, stop being critical, stop fault finding and be beautiful.)

March 2014

(Click on Switchword/Defusing Word for definition.)

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat




Blue Iris


Green Maple Leaf










































Tiger Lily















Flower: Daffodil
Flower Energy Blend:   Nurturance
Chant/Mantra/Meditation/Prayer: Pendulum Practice
Gemstone/Crystal:  Aquamarine
Animal Wisdom: Monkey

18,888,891 (Expansion of consciousness)
12,370,744 (Connection with spirit)
420.82 Hz Moon (of Earth)

March 1, 2014

Music vibrates DEEP within US. So very often we may FIND ourselves humming a tune, the tune is stuck in our heads, and we hear it OVER and OVER again. We may even feel frustration (OVER) about it being stuck in our heads. Why not TAKE the opportunity to CREATE NEW lyrics for the tune WITH Switchwords, especially Switchwords that will HELP carry you forward, aligning you WITH the life experience you desire?

Today I CHOOSE to CREATE my own song to SING to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat:

Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly
Kentucky Coffeetree

Definition of the Switchwords line-by-line:

(Boost your immune system, connect to youth and longevity, feel good, promote giving and receiving joy)

(Enjoy whatver you are doing, turn on personality, be in peace, maintain wellness, and be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy)

Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly
(Defuse and shed old beliefs that no longer serving you, allow yourself to to smoothly transition as you journey through life, transforming from seeing life as a mundane daily drudge to soaring to new heights and gaining a wider perspectives)

Kentucky Coffeetree
(Defuse and release negative energy and judgment, shift perspectives, be deeply healed)

I even sang this on today's Talkcast:

Sooooooooooooo, what song are you going to rewrite with Switchwords?


Regarding Sleeping Too Much
February 28, 2014

If you find yourself not wanting to get out of bed, wanting to sleep too much, CONSIDER doing the following:

Turn on timer (body timer)
Set timer for (time you want to get up)
Attach wake up now

You may then find yourself easily waking and moving throughout the day.

The body does have a built-in timer. It may need to be turned on before it can be used. (Thus the statement above.)

If you are stubborn about not wanting to get out of bed, you may wish to add more statements and Switchwords to keep pushing yourself to get up. I find that for me, setting intent when I go to sleep that I will wake up at a set time, and attached these or similar Switchwords to the time, it tends to work well to get me up and out of bed.

Regarding Comas
February 25, 2014

I once walked into the hospital room of someone in a coma, and felt the heaviness of the grief, fear and despair that was gripping the people in the room.

This had to CHANGE if the patient was to survive. My first job was to SHOW NEW possibilities, to GIVE this person a reason to return to US.

I began by talking with friends there to visit. I worked with them to HELP heal issues they were suffering, including physical, emotional, spiritual and relationships. I did this in the room where our patient lay, allowing our patient to feel the energy shifts occurring.

We decorated the room with things our patient loved. I connected with the patient and would LISTEN. Themes were often set - by our patient - for a day.

One of the first Theme days was about decorating our lives. The afternoon before this Theme came, our patient had been moved from one hospital room to another. The morning following this MOVE, while eating my breakfast, I was about to add salt and pepper to hash browns on my plate. As I picked up the salt shaker, I heard..."you can't decorate your potatoes." In that moment I realized I did have a connection to our patient. I knew we had connected. I cried over my breakfast. I ate my hash browns plain, and when I arrived at the hospital, I asked people to put back up all the decorations from the previous room (none had yet be put up). Interestingly, our Shaman, who had been out of touch all day, showed UP with a poster board he had decorated that day - he had gotten the message from our patient TOO.

Our patient's room became a bright space in the hospital. We would KEEP UP and SHOW LIGHT to our patient every day.

Doctors often came around with grim expectations...we made them stay outside our beautiful room to deliver their thoughts...the one time they delivered their grim expectations inside the room - just as our patient was beginning to open eyes - within earshot of our patient, it took our Shaman and me many hours into the night to bring back the LIGHT in the eyes of our patient.

In general, hospitals may not to be atmospheres conducive to healing. TAKE the lead. CHOOSE to BRING healing to the space. SHOW LIGHT. Shift focus from what is not wanted (illness, death, etc.), to what is desired (life, love, beauty, wellness).

In the case with our patient, who was considered by the conventional medical community, on many occasions, to be one that should be allowed to pass, they are now 100% recovered.

Whether that will be the case each time or not is left to the future. All we can do is OFFER energies and possibilities for a future with US, and ALLOW for whatever will BE.

An Animal Wisdom coming up here:

Pelican teaches proper use of abundance. Pelican teaches you to take advantage of opportunities coming your way; perch yourself in an advantageous position, and observe the resources that come your way. Pelican helps teach control of ego, and ability to work as part of a team to achieve goals. Pelican implores us to release our sense of lack, know there is always enough to share, and that we will always be provided for. Pelican teaches recovery from loss. Pelican shows us the ability to float through emotions, releasing negative emotions. Pelican also gives us the ability to return from the edge of extinction.

Use Pelican Wisdom to rise above trials and tribulations.

Use Pelican Wisdom to release need to compete with others.

Use Pelican Wisdom to release anger and negative emotions.

Use Pelican Wisdom to help recover from near deadly experiences.

(Release, reclaim stability, show/feel compassion and understanding, reconnect with Source, feel relaxed and worry-free, be inspired, be in peace and wellness.)


Irrational Behavior
February 24, 2014

I LOVE irrational behavior.
I CHOOSE irrational behavior.
When it is time to CHOOSE anger, I CHOOSE LOVE.
When it is time to CHOOSE frustration, I CHOOSE PEACE.

I also CHOOSE to CREATE unreasonable acts of kindness.

(Release old pains and give focused attention to ceasing hostilities and reclaiming stability.)


February 24, 2014

An interesting entry taken from the Switchwords Database:

(Give respect from the heart, defuse and melt problems away, release sourness and bitterness, create a significant modification to generate, radiate and experience love and acceptance.)

Success Stories:
It is very interesting that you gave me "NAMASTE-Lemon Drop-PAINT-LOVE." (Given on subscription as a Personal Switchphrase.) I find that kind of weird that it's falling exactly at the time I need this advise. We are having a family/close friends get together dinner tonight, and among among them are a couple of relatives who I just feel don't like me, I don't see a reason at all, but it's there. Very much there. One would go out of her way to to find a way of action that would hurt my feelings or deliberately misinterpret my spoken words or intentions. This SW seems to be so relevant as I have been discussing the matter only last night with another close person and how I tried to clear it and failed. While I know they don't like me, I could also be sending the wrong energy as its already in my mind, and I can't break the cycle.

Ok to start with this is what I did on Friday, the day I was to meet family: On the same morning while in the office I typed the phrase you gave me earlier below 108 times. Then I played with the phrase by using different fonts and colored them pink (a way to keep my focus on the phrase) and since I am in a single office it was ok, and then did the Creative Endeavors Energy Circle with paint and filled with grey outer and inner blue, with the letters in pink and just saved it before I left the office. But now you have clarified the limitations of saving in a computer (only active when displayed on screen). However, I was chanting the phrase "NAMASTE-Lemon Drop-PAINT-LOVE" most of the time on my way, which is about one and half hour drive.

Before the end of the evening, the one particular person I was focusing on, as she was the meanest, came up to me, and just mentioned that they wanted (with her sister) to come over on the next holiday for a couple of nights at home and she was actually smiling nicely, something like she is opening up to me. I tried not to have any negative feelings all day. Anyway they are family and bad feelings can be forgotten if people change. I was surprised and of course glad.


Switchwords Database (subscription): (can click a link to subscribe from there)

Learn about subscribing to Astrological and Personal Switchphrases at:

Switchwords Database on YouTube
February 23, 2014

I have had some requests for a video showing how to work with the Switchwords and the Healing Numbers and Frequencies Databases, so evening I created and uploaded one:

We now have over 6000 entries in the Switchwords Database, including almost 600 with Success Stories, and many with associated Energy Circles.

Eggs and Cholesterol
February 18, 2014

Yesterday I ran into a friend at the school, whom I had not seen since just before Christmas. We stopped in at the local bagelry for breakfast and a chat.

She told me she had had a checkup with her doctor, including blood work. The blood work had shown her to be anemic, and to have high cholesterol. She had been eating primarily vegetarian for some time.

The doctor suggested that she needed to have animal protein in her diet, and also told her specifically to eat 4 eggs a week.

This is the kicker...two weeks later she had blood redrawn, after having followed the doctor's advice and eating 4 eggs a week for two weeks.  Her cholesterol had been 287 on the first blood draw, before starting to eat 4 eggs a week.  On the second draw, after just two weeks of eating the 4 eggs a week, it had dropped to 192!

Wow!  I had read an article several years back where someone down in Australia had experience cholesterol going from borderline high to too low to register in a matter of two weeks when adding 4 eggs a day to their diet (, and now I have seen it happen with a friend.

This is whole eggs, including the yolk, which is the part of the egg that has lecithin - a cholesterol-lowering agent - in it.

I love that the medical community is beginning to see the value of eggs.


February 8, 2014

Kat: (Regarding someone who is inhibited without alcohol and then gets overly friendly with alcohol) Perhaps OPEN-FLOWER is his Switchword phrase - to dispel inhibitions and allow him to show his Inner Beauty to the world, without alcohol.

Friend: Shall write it on his Tongue!  
How many many many times you have rescued me!!

(Dispel inhibitions, open up to the world and share your Inner Beauty.)


FebruaryTheme:  Harmony
February 2, 2014

We ended the year with December Appreciation, which helped open us to January Love. Now, with Appreciation and Love set in motion, we move into February looking to Harmony.

Harmony brings two or more unique perspectives together, creating a unity with beauty beyond the individual entities. When in Harmony, love, family and other social relationships complement and balance each other. When the body is in Harmony, all parts flow in unison.

HARMONY (285555901)
A Poem by Girija Sridhar

WITH February breezing in, let us EMBRACE Harmony.
Harmony gently erases feelings of anger and bitterness,
Surrounds and protects you, WITH an Umbrella of warmth and happiness.
When in your home and HEART, seeds of Harmony you sow,
Rich dividends you reap, that spread and grow.
It OPENs the door for serenity and CALM to thrive,
RELEASE resentment, BE TOGETHER as bees in a hive.
WITH Harmony taking the place of pride, you banish discord,
And are BLESSED WITH GRACE to become one WITH the Lord.
Always AIM at complete Harmony of thought and deed,
A GOLD nugget will appear WITH EASE and SPEED!

H-HEART (center in joy)
A-AMAZING (create miraculous endeavors)
R-RAINBOW (create a colorful conscious life)
M-MIRACLE (transcend beyond expectations)
O-OPEN (free the mind)
N-NOURISH (develop)
Y-YES! (get on with it)

(Cleanse your relationships, harmonize well with defusing lack, opening to abundance, connecting to Source, feeling uplifted, quenched, nurtured and nourished, refreshed, energized, relieved and calmed, knowing that all can be, is and ever will be well, hope springs eternal, maintain integrity, dispel inhibitions and allow yourself to create balance and handle uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions.)

Throughout the month, anytime between 9 am and 10 am in the morning and 9 pm and 10 pm in the evening (your own local time) we shall TOGETHER chant a Switchword or Defusing Word picked for the day. You are most welcome to join in. Where ever you may be, just chant between that given hour. You don't have to chant it for the whole hour. You can say it once, repeat it 28 times, for 5 minutes, or do it however you desire.

Daily Words are courtesy Rhoda Randhawa

February 2014

(Click on Switchword/Defusing Word for definition.)

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat

























































Flower: Violet
Flower Energy Blend:  Armonie (French pronunciation)
Meditation: Inner Smile Meditation
Gemstone/Crystal:  Amethyst
Animal Wisdom:  Fox

1,255,583 (Harmonize inner reality on a cellular level)
285,555,901 (Harmonious relationships within family)

You are a Source Creation
January 31, 2014

To those who feel you are unloved.
To those who feel they were deposited in a life barren of parental care.
You are a Source Creation.
Source is unlimited, unconditional LOVE.
Source clearly loves you, as you are here.
If you were not an important part of the Universe, you would not BE here.

CONSIDER all things support all things.
Without the Alpha, there is no Omega.
Without the Delta, there is no Zenith.
Without the Darkness, there is no LIGHT.
Without nothing, there is no everything.
In Duality, there is Oneness.

CONSIDER it was not that they did not LOVE you.
CONSIDER that perhaps they did not LOVE themselves.
In not loving oneself, how can one LOVE another?

Perhaps they could not feel LOVE.
That does not mean they didn't deserve LOVE.
It doesn't mean you don't deserve LOVE either.

Perhaps in one's inability to ALIGN with self-LOVE, one helps another to LEARN to LOVE unconditionally.

CONSIDER you may have chosen them specifically to be in your life for the things they would GIVE you....or even possibly for the things you knew they would not or could not GIVE you....because you may have desired, in the here before, to discover how to build you from what was given...or not given.

Write your story how you want it, what feels like a good way to perceive your childhood. It's 90% story. Write it how you want it. Rewrite it if you want. CHOOSE it.


By Your Focus You CREATE Your Life Experience
January 20, 2014

What if there is nothing that has to BE in your life, only potentials and possibilities?

Switchwords help you to CHANGE your focus, and thereby CHANGE your future. Set your feet upon the desired path.

As you CHANGE your actions, you CHANGE your future.

You are where you are NOW because of thoughts, feelings and actions you have had in the past.

You will BE where you will BE in the future because of the thoughts, feelings and actions you TAKE NOW.

If you don't know your destiny, how can you possibly worry about not doing what you came here to DO?

CONSIDER that Switchwords may INDEED CHANGE your future...for every NEW and different step you TAKE that deviates from the path you have been ON in the past has to CHANGE your future.

What if you can't get it wrong and you never get it DONE? It is just life! Live your DASH (the time between birth and death) as you want it.

(Transform thought into action, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.)


Switchwords Database....6000 Entries NOW!
January 20, 2014

After entering a Success Story into the Switchwords Database this morning, when I went to list the full Database I saw that we have just hit 6000 entries!

Switchwords Database is at: So our 6000th Entry was...

(Release, let go of details.)


Success Stories: ALLOW-FLOW has kept me in an awesome mood today...was giggling throughout the day and people around me also started laughing for no reason.

We also have 535 entries with Success Stories.  Many entries have multiple Success Stories too.

It is so AMAZING working with Switchwords.  I LOVE my work!



Endless Kat Tales
January 19, 2014

A friend sent me this Cat with a totally endless tail. It has inspired me to call some of my ramblings here Endless Kat Tales.

Thank you Sofia for this beautiful and fun little kitty who has inspired me. He sits in my front room now, watching me as I work on the computer, play games with my grandchildren, well do most of the things I do, as, after all, the living room is for, well, living!.

I love Cats. I have a Cat Clock, a Wrought Iron Guard Cat just inside the front door, a HEART Cat Bank (which holds Butterfly and Wood Rose Bud Stakes)(what's up with that!), a small Plush Cat that meows when you squeeze its tummy, and a couple of Cat Bags (for crochet supplies, of course).

My grandkids keep the live Cat, Ziggy (or as their grandpa calls him, Wiggy Ziggy) at their house. I've never met such a clumsy Cat as Ziggy before. He is entertaining, and he says, "Hello" in his meow when you walk by him.

YouTube Energy Circle Creator Demo
January 15, 2014

I uploaded a new video to YouTube today showing the new version of the Energy Circle Creator.

Watch at:

It is such fun working with the Energy Circle Creator!



What is is, So CHOOSE It!
January 14, 2014

What is is, so CHOOSE it!
Truly CHOOSE it.

Accept all that has been to this can't change what has been, so CHOOSE it.

Then in this moment, BEGIN to let go (POSTPONE) of all the judgments of how this or that is wrong, or who was right or wrong. Instead simply BE.

Remind yourself when you find yourself thinking negatively about something or someone that you have decided to FORGIVE and CHOOSE it. CANCEL the thought and return to the Land of BE.

Energy Circle Creator Version Available NOW!
January 12, 2014

Energy Circle Creator version is now available! This is a FREE upgrade for all Energy Circle Creator owners. If you own Energy Circle Creator and have not received information for upgrading it, please contact Kat - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

New to this Energy Circle Creator version:

Three new Energy Circle Component colors have been added:

Lemon is a cerebral stimulant.
Lemon stimulates the brain.
Lemon is a sexual stimulant.
Lemon activates the thymus gland.
Lemon can help stimulate growth.
Lemon has the effect of a motor stimulant to throw off morbid debris.
Lemon builds and strengthens the bones.
Lemon helps increase bone growth.
Lemon has an antacid effect on the body, excellent for chronic conditions.
Lemon gives energy to the cells in the stage of resistance and exhaustion and helps overcome stress.
Lemon is a cleanser of the system.
Lemon can be useful for coughs, as expectorant.
Lemon is a motor stimulant.
Lemon alkalizes/neutralizes acidity.
Lemon improves nutritional processes and repairs persistent disorders.
Lemon helps correct scurvy.
Lemon can have a laxative effect.


Scarlet Energy Circle
Scarlet is a general stimulant, an emotional stimulant, enhances sensitivity and builds sexual power.
Scarlet increases functional activity of the arteries.
Scarlet constricts blood vessels, increases heart rate and increases blood pressure.
Scarlet is a kidney and adrenal stimulant.
Scarlet helps in cases of impotency and frigidity when used in the genital area.
Scarlet stimulates the reproductive system, and increases menstrual function.
Scarlet stimulates labor and accelerates fetal expulsion at time of delivery.


Magenta strengthens contact with your life purpose.
Magenta enhances Scorpio energy.
Magenta brings magnetism, to attract or speed up things, extra power, when immediate action and great spiritual power are needed for life purpose and/or life path.
Magenta brings much energy and activity focused on achieving power and self-realization.
Magenta brings strong but controlled passions and emotions.
Magenta brings courage and strength to give everything for a goal.
Magenta normalizes adrenal gland function.
Magenta stimulates the heart.
Magenta creates a diuretic effect (stimulates urine flow), normalizes Kidney function.
Magenta helps create an emotional equilibrium.
Magenta builds aura.
Magenta helps balance blood pressure and normalize veins and arteries.
Magenta helps strengthen reproductive organs.
Magenta may help in cases of infertility.


Inner Image has been improved, with better handling of Inner Images retrieved with previously created Energy Circles

A few color inconsistencies with Rays/Ray Flood have been addressed

Open button has been moved to the left side of the top menu (away from the Save button)

Program now confirms Save of current changes before Opening a new graphic, Resetting or Quitting program

Improved configuration file information

Footer button has been moved to the right of Energy Circle types

The Top Menu is now dynamic, allowing reconfiguration of components to a flow that works for you.

Rearrange Top Menu Components
1. Left-click Separator Bar to left of component to be moved
2. Hold down the button and drag component to new place
3. Release button to drop component where you want it

Reset Top Menu to Default Configuration
1. Right-click anywhere on Top Menu
2. Select Reset Menu


Learn more about Energy Circle Creator at:

I trust you will find this information to be helpful.

(Transform thought into action, create miraculous endeavors, dispel pain.)


Etheric Energy Circles
January 7, 2014

Today I had a friend ask me about deactivating Energy Circles saved on your computer by putting them in the "trash bin."

My thoughts are...

When you display an Energy Circle on the computer screen, it becomes active. When you simply are storing it on the drive, it is not currently active.

My friend then stated that it felt like the Energy Circles were working even when not displayed on the screen.

My thoughts are that, you can create Energy Circles in your mind, or connect to the vision of an Energy Circle you have seen or created in the past, and with intention set it to broadcasting as a Etheric Energy Circle.

An Etheric Energy Circle is simply an Energy Circle created in the mind's eye:  Visualize the desired Energy Circle and Contents, then INTEND to broadcast to a specific Person, Place, Situation, etc.

January 6, 2014

I have found GIVE-COUNT to be a PERFECT Switchpair for representing a "job." GIVE-COUNT means "help others/sell" "make money" which is a PERFECT description of what a job is. You can build a Switchphrase around it...

For becoming a success, add PERSONAL.
For manifesting your heart's desires in a job:  CHARM
For feeling satisfied in the job:  PERFECT

So perhaps one good Switchphrase for finding a job you will enjoy is:  

Add additional Switchwords from the Switchwords list at: as you deem appropriate.

Quotes taken from Kat Thoughts 2013
January 5, 2014

I pulled these quotes out of last year's Kat Thoughts.  They are also in Blue Iris Happenings 1-3-14 under Community Happenings off the Top Menu.

I thought they deserved a spotlight TOGETHER here on Kat Thoughts.

Believing is seeing.
(When you believe it you BEGIN to see it, become it.)
I AM what I AM NOW becoming.

December 17, 2013


Remember, if you can't CHANGE it...
If there is only one option...
If it already has been so...

November 4, 2013


"BE yourself, always BE true;
Never try to BE in another's shoe.
You will BE LOVEd as you are;
After all you are a bright STAR!"
Girija Sridhar

November 4, 2013


The world around you reflects your inner thoughts.
As you judge the world, so shall the world return to you
November 1, 2013


If you can see it you can CREATE it. Let go of I am not...
and just BE what you say you want to BE.

(September 29, 2013)


Switching Switches
by Kat Miller
(September 25, 2013)

At times when you are feeling blue,
UP may be a great Switchword for you.

When anger and resentment affect you dear,
Perhaps it's time for the Switchword CLEAR.

You're lonely?  You need some friends?
With the Switchword CIRCULATE, loneliness ends.

Whenever frustration is taking a toll,
OVER will be your Switchword goal.

Someone needs to back off, boundaries need to be set,
LIMIT is your Switchword to get these needs met.

What if this happens? or that? or something else goes wrong?
CANCEL is the Switchword to quit that worrisome song.

Stress has been building, you need to relax and reduce tension.
HO is the Switchword for you to mention.

Your ego is talking, it's running amok,
The Switchword QUIET will help stop that negative self-talk.

Want to connect with yourself, your Inner Being?
LISTEN is the Switchword with this meaning.

If comprehension is what you need.
JUDGE is the Switchword to do the deed.

The game is afoot, the scoring is tight.
To kick it up a notch, the Switchword is FIGHT.

BE is your Switchword for being skillful in sports.
Also when you feel ridiculed, BE helps stop the retorts.

When the day is rainy and you want a break,
Use the Switchword BEAM three times, for sunshine's sake.

The toilet is running, the fridge and oven are not,
CONSIDER is your Switchword to fix what you've got.

To release the need to maintain a routine or break a habit,
The Switchword is FLOW, there you have it.

To avoid carelessness, for detailed work that must be done,
ATTENTION is the Switchword that won.

"I don't want to write." This job is tedious. The party's a bore. 
Use the Switchword GIGGLE to enjoy what you're doing much, much more.


(September 23, 2013)


Never put off until tomorrow the JOY you could experience today.
(August 19, 2013)


Feeling desperation helps to keep a situation in
a state that perpetuates desperation.
Acceptance of what is allows one to begin to shift to a new reality.
(August 4, 2013)

And I set up an Energy Circle with this and a Switchphrase inside it...

Notice how I put the statement about desperation outside the Energy Circle?
That was done to specifically put desperation outside the experience.


Release need, and CHOOSE desires.
Need perpetuates need.

(July 7, 2013)


When I DO unreasonable acts of kindness (being kind when it is absolutely
not deserving), it is not because I feel dominated or need to please...
it is because it always gives me JOY to see what happens when I DO that.

(June 30, 2013)


I walk in my strengths.
I Wallow in JOY.
I sink DEEP into high CLOUDS.
(June 30, 2013)


It just happened.
No judgment (or blame) required.

(June 23, 2013)


Take steps that put you where you say you are going.
You must stand in your words for them to carry you where you wish to go.

(June 2, 2013)


When you say it, you create it.
When you create it, stand in it.
When you stand in it, you manifest it.

(May 31, 2013)


May you always take on more than you think you can do...
Only to discover it was faster and easier than expected.

(May 31, 2013)


LEARN from your children...They’re here to teach the world.
(April 29, 2013)


You don't get what you want. You get what you ALLOW.
(April 24, 2013)


Richness in one area of life tends to spill into other areas. KEEP spilling...
(April 8, 2013)


What is is. Accept it. CHOOSE it. FOR in accepting it,
you ALLOW yourself to ALIGN WITH the current space,
which is the only place from which you can build a different future.

(March 27, 2013)


You can accept an ungiven apology, because it is
you who is hurt by holding the grudge. Not them.

(March 15, 2013)


You only remain stuck in your story so long
as you say you are stuck in your story.
(February 19, 2013)


A poem I wrote for my mother's birthday this year
February 17, 2013

Always there for me.
Always allowing me to BE.
Always PERFECT to a T.

Always bringing me comfort.
Always helping thoughts to sort.
Always giving needed support.

Always smiling and giving a hug.
Always making me feel so snug.
Always willing to provide a needed tug.

Always giving me her love.
Always peaceful presence like a Dove.
Always as a Divine presence from above.

My Mom.


My Valentine's Day Switchphrase
(February 14, 2013)


What if your life is just a blank canvas
that is OPEN FOR you to CHOOSE your life purpose,
rather than a maze that you must traverse
to FIND your life purpose?
(January 30, 2013)


Every experience you have in your life,
be it good or bad,
is determined by you as to whether it is good or bad.
When are you going to start telling stories you like?

(January 4, 2013)

January 5, 2014

(Release old pains, be empowered, act on good impulse, be in peace and maintain wellness, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.)

Question posed: I'm asking to create new states of being such as positive pleasure and feel these as if already present in my life. What will allow this to happen with feelings and emotions??

My reply: They are already there, you just have to let go of that they are not (CHOOSE), be in the now, and act like they are there (NOW), and release the need to conform, to be what others expect of you (or what you think they expect of you)(BE).

You can't continue the same old habitual, limiting
thought patterns and get new, unlimited results.

Jerry Hicks - Preface Money and the Law of Attraction
January 5, 2014

January Theme: Love
January 5, 2014

Themes for the year and each month during the year are always available at:

Throughout the (usually early part) of the Month additional support may be added,  be sure to check for them.

Theme: Love
January is a time of new beginnings, a fresh start. We ended the year with November Forgiveness, which helped open us to December Appreciation. Now, having released the old pains with Forgiveness, and opened to Appreciation, we are in a place where we can begin to generate, radiate and experience love.

LOVE (528 Hz)
A Poem by Girija Sridhar

WITH January stepping in, make a clean, fresh start,
RELEASE old pains, hurts, and radiate LOVE from your HEART.
Then BE a witness to a miraculous CHANGE in every way,
A DIVINE transformation blooms and is there to STAY.
In every sphere you CREATE abundance, discover paradise,
WITH so much LOVE within, you easily deal WITH lows and highs.
By giving and accepting LOVE, a MAGICal CHANGE takes place,
Blessings, MIRACLEs, you experience, in many surprising ways.
WITH a HEART FULL of LOVE, hopes and dreams, you generate positivity,
Dispelling inhibitions, forgiving completely and letting go of negativity.
ALLOW the Fountain of LOVE from your HEART to eternally FLOW,
Let the TRANSFORMation of character and thought always glow.

(Bring into being support, dispelling inhibitions, and harmonizing well with and work miracles with generating, radiating and experiencing love and acceptance.)

(Hope springs eternal, feel the world with love, and fill the world with love, form innovation, open opportunities and deliver the goods.)

Throughout the month, anytime between 9 am and 10 am in the morning and 9 pm and 10 pm in the evening (your own local time) we shall TOGETHER chant a Switchword or Defusing Word picked for the day. You are most welcome to join in. Where ever you may be, just chant between that given hour. You don't have to chant it for the whole hour. You can say it once, repeat it 28 times, for 5 minutes, or do it however you desire.

Daily Words are courtesy Rhoda Randhawa

January 2014

(Click on Switchword/Defusing Word for definition.)

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat




















Good News











































Flower: Carnation
Flower Energy Blend:  Love
Meditation: Grounding Meditation
Gemstone/Crystal:  Garnet
Animal Wisdom:  Jackal
Frequency:  852 Hz (Unconditional Love)

Annual Theme for 2014
December 31, 2013

Theme: Empowerment
Empowerment:  Increase spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, and economic strength of individuals and communities.

Switchphrases (Use on the days of the week listed with the phrases, and as desired):

(Empower (yourself) with improved self-love, self-worth and confidence, maintain protection and regain control.)

(Increase self-love, self-worth, confidence, brighten the day, harmonize well with giving and receiving joy.)

(Be in peace, maintain wellness, increase self-love, self-worth, confidence, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy, be a strong presence, act on good impulse, now.)

(Release old pains, be empowered, see through illusions, bring inner peace and harmony, restore fairness and honesty, gain power, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy, be in high spirits, release the details and let it be.)

(Master your ability to release old pains, be empowered, fill with light energy, reconnect with Source, and brightly focus positivity.)

(Place focus on positive aspects, keep this secret with you, create completion by harmonizing well with enduring rewards, shining under pressure and being incorruptible for miraculous formation of events.)

(Work miracles, smooth the rough spots and be merciful, increase capacity to feel peace, gratitude and appreciation, feel cuddled and secure, reconnect with Source, create healing focuses and be a comforting presence.)

Flower: Lotus
Flower Energy Blend:  Empowerment
Mantra: Empowerment
Gemstone/Crystal:  Herkimer Diamond
Animal Wisdom:  Pelican
Number/Frequency:  4 (Angel Number)
(Open to love, support, encouragement and inner-strength, which will enable you to achieve your goals with diligence and proficiency. Take positive action toward your highest intentions, aspirations and goals. Establish solid foundations and advance along your path. Trust that you have all the skills, talents and abilities to overcome any obstacles and achieve your highest aspirations. Create support systems and order to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.)

(Create miracles, form innovation, unstoppable restoration, invigoration, turn over a new leaf, embark on or continue the optimal journey, maintain peace and wellness, unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.)


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